Frequently Asked Questions


1. What kind of Courses are made available Online?
We offer Online Training Courses across multiple categories targeted at students, graduates, post graduates, working class professionals & learners at home. Some of the categories include Banking & Finance, Project & Operations Management, IT & Security, Law, Sales & Marketing, OB & HR Management, Languages, Personal Development, Statistics and Data Analytics, Business Strategy, Academics and more.
2. What are the qualifications / eligibility needed to take up the particular course?
Some Courses are applicable to all age groups while some are best suited for advanced level. Please visit the respective course page to know if its right for you.
3. Where and how can I access the e-learning content? Are there any limitations?
There are no limitations in accessing our courses. You can assess the courses through the web ( on any device through a web browser or through our Android app available on the Google Play Store.
4. How long is a course active?
Most courses are self paced courses with a typical duration of 6 months (180 days) access period. This means, you get 180 access to the course from the moment you enrol into it. You can extend you access by 180 more days at any point during the subscription or post expiration of subscription. Some courses are Live Online Classroom courses that are date and time specific. Please visit the respective course page to know more.
5. What if I don't finish a course on time. Can I get an extension?
Yes. If your access to a course expires, you can extend that through an online payment and continue from where you left of.
6. If the course access expires, will I get the support/access to the course?
No. If a course access expires, you will have to pay to extend the access. You can view the course pricing in the respective course page.
7. What is the cost of course?
Each course has its individual pricing. Please visit the respective course page to know more on pricing.
8. How are these courses different from other online courses?
We provide high quality content and personalised services. Our courses are delivered only by Renowned Trainers and Training Institutes. Also, the courses are recorded in state-of-art recording studios to bring in high clarity videos. So why go elsewhere, when you can learn from the Best!
9. Can you share some details of the course faculties.
We engage only experienced and certified faculties for each course. Each faculty has decades of relevant teaching / training experience that they bring onto ApnaCourse. For details on their experience, please visit the Faculty section in the website.
10. Do you provide both online as well as offline sessions?
All courses are provided online through video lectures. These courses could also have online / offline meetups with the faculties. Meetups are engagements had with a group of 10-15 participants where the faculty helps clear doubts and queries over a few hours. We dont provide full fledged classroom training.
11. Do I get any certificate on completing the Course on your platform?
We offer a course completion certificate on most courses. This certificate is jointly given by our partner trainer or training instiute which provided the course.
12. How do I get to know about course updations?
We will send an email to notify you of course updates. Please ensure to add in your safe senders list to receive the email. Every course gets updated to stay relevant to the industry.
13. Whom do I contact in case of any queries regarding any of the courses?
For any course-related information, please email at or connect on our help line number +91 7353 60 5333.
14. Who would resolve my queries?
Every Course has a dedicated networking forum called Social Circle where you can post your technical course specific doubts and the faculty or subject matter experts will resolve it. Some courses even have a dedicated Whatsapp group for doubt resolutions and some courses have frequent meetups with the faculty in the form of webinars, where technical queries get resolved. For general queries, you can mail us at and we will revert to you very soon. You can even call us at +91 7353 60 5333 for telephonic support.
15. Do you have face to face career consultations?
Yes. We have a career consulting feature on ApnaCourse where a subject matter expert will help you decide the relevant courses for you based on your profile, work experience, interests, career goals etc. To know more about career consulting, click Here.
16. Do I need to finish the entire course in one go?
No. You can take your own time as per your convenience. You even need not finish a video in one sitting. You can pause and resume from where you left at a later point in time. We keep a track of your video progress to help you continue from the point you last saw, so that you don't waste time going through the video from the start again.
17. I would like to know about Fynamics Training Solutions?
We are a Fyanmics group company with focus on the Online Education space. Please visit our website for more details.
18. What are all the benefits I would receive as a participant?
The Best-in-class courses delivered by the Best faculties. This is our mantra. Learn not from anybody but by the experts in their respective domains. So, as a participant, you can be rest assured that the content or video you are going through on ApnaCourse is top-notch.
19. What is the schedule for online content if I opt for a course?
We value your time and understand the difficulties involved in attending classes at scheduled time slots. We also understand the difficulties involved in browsing through multitudes of Course book and tons of additional reading materials. Hence, none of our courses are time specific or dependent on book readings. Learning is at your disposal, so you can access the course content at your ease and pace.
20. Does the course fee include the examination/certification fee as well?
If the certification is that of ApnaCourse, then yes. If the course is only a training course for a Globally Recognized Certification, then you will have to pay the exam fees to the concerned governing body. Please visit the respective course page for details.
21. Why are the Courses provided at affordable prices if it is delivered by top notch faculties?
We believe in Education for All and not only to a select few. In line with our mission to provide Education anywhere, anytime and to anyone, every course on ApnaCourse is Affordable! Compare any similar Offline or Online training provider and you'll see the difference in pricing. To further this notion, the content is provided by experts so that you learn from people with hands-on-experience and real life situations. We would be truly excited if you, as a participant, go through our courses which in-turn helps advance your career.
22. Are you the Registered Education Provider for every Course?
Our course providers (namely the training partners) are approved providers for their respective courses. They have been training professionals and corporates for over decades.
23. What services are free of cost and what are paid?
A trial access to any course is free. The access to the course videos / content is paid.
24. Will my personal details be safe in the website?
Your details are secure with us. The website is protected by SSL authentication. We also do not share your personal details with anyone unless required by law. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.
25. Is there any discount available on add-ons for corporates?
Contact for details.
26. Will I get any discounts/scholarship for add-ons if I enrol 5 of my friends?
Contact to know more about group discounts.
27. Do you have placement support?
Currently we do not provide any placement support.
28. What system requirements do I need, to access the course content?
CPU A modern computer manufactured within last 5 years
RAM 512 MB required, 1Gb or more recommended
Operating System Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.4.x or later
Internet Cable Modem, DSL, LAN (Min of 512Kbps, we recommend 1Mbps or greater)
Sound Card Sound card and speakers, headset with microphone (optional)
Monitor and Video Card 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution.
Web Browser Internet Explorer 7 or higher
Firefox 3.x or higher
Google Chrome
29. I would like to join your organization as a faculty, what is the procedure?
If you feel you have the combination of unique content and delivery style please feel free to contact us
30. Where are the suggestions & feedback registered?
You can write to us at or use the online link for Feedbacks. We would greatly appreciate your support to help us.
31. Can my organization or business host a course on your platform to a selected set of participants?
If you are an Institute or an Organization planning to host courses online, we would be happy to support. For more details, please contact our customer support team at
32. I have never taken an online course before, how difficult will it be to familiarize myself with the online format?
All courses have a free trial. So take a minute now to register online and start browsing through the multitudes of Courses to get familiarized with the model. Online format is extremely simple.
33. Can I access your site on my mobile or tablet?
Yes. You can access our site on mobile and tablet through the browser. Our site is responsive. You can also access ApnaCourse through the Android app available on the Google Play Store.
34. Where do I need to subscribe for free services if I am not a registered user?
Registration is free and takes less than a minute. We request you to register for services that we offer.
35. What are the expected time lines for new courses?
We are constantly adding new Courses by tying up with very renowned and prominent experts. We typically add 10-15 new courses a month. Keep visiting our website to find & learn new Courses.
36. What kind of personalized services do you offer?
We offer Webinars with Faculty, Live Interaction with Experts, 24*7 Mail and Phone Support, Online course progress tracker and much more.
37. Is your course content and support sufficient and comprehensive?
We believe that we have weaved a very effective Course content that is delivered by an expert. We are hence confident that if you diligently go through our courses, you will find it to be comprehensive.

Login Details and Support

38. When should I register myself for the course?
You need to register to the ApnaCourse platform only once and you get access to all the Courses on it. It takes less than a minute to register.
39. How long is my account Valid?
It is valid for the life time.
40. How do I edit my details?
Should you need to change any of your profile details, visit your Profile Page on ApnaCourse.
41. Can I share my username and password for an online course with others?
No. It is preferred not to share because we customize service offerings and provide personalized recommendations that are unique to an individual.
42. Is it possible to "transfer" my registration?
No, you cannot transfer your registration.
43. Do I need to have two user Ids for each course?
No. One unique ID is sufficient for all the Courses.
44. Can I have multiple accounts for each course?
We suggest you have single account for all courses.
45. If I have multiple accounts, will you consolidate all my accounts?
No, we would not do any consolidation. Please use only one account for multiple courses.
46. How do I close my account?
Please contact our customer support team at or visit your profile page and delete your account. Pleas note that you will not be able to access your account again in the future, once deleted.
47. What if I forget my password?
We have a 'forgot password' option, where you will get the details of your new password to your registered Email ID.
48. Will you share the password over phone?
No, we will not share the password over phone.
49. I did not receive the confirmation email. How can I confirm my account and log in?
Please make sure that your email service provider is not blocking our emails, and you are not using an email filtration system.
- If you cannot find the confirmation email, please check your spam box. If it is there, make sure to un-spam the email.
- If you entered the wrong email address, please re-register with the correct one.
if none of this work contact us at our customer support id
50. What are my options for support?
You can contact us over phone at +91-7353-60-5333 or write to us at We are happy to assist you.
51. If mail is sent or a call is made regarding my queries, when will I get the reply?
You can expect the reply within 48 hours.
52. Will your support work all business days/24*7?
You can contact us via Telephone & Email.
Support shall be
Monday to Friday - 10:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M
Saturday - 10: 00 A.M to 1:00 P.M

Payments and Refunds

53. How should I make the payment and what are the modes of payment available? Do I get a receipt or confirmation for the same?
We accept only online payments. Online payments are made through our payment gateway partners who support multitudes of payment option including but not restricted to credit cards, debit cards, Net Banking et al. For other payment modes, please reach out to us at to know more.
54. Will my online transactions/payments be secure?
YES. Our payment gateway partner is CCAvenue for India transactions and PayPal for foreign transactions. All transactions through the payment gateway use 128 bit encryption and are very secure. CCAvenue is registered with VeriSign. Please know more about the security here.
55. How will I receive the payment receipt?
It will be mailed to your registered email ID.
56. Under what situations will I be refunded?
Please refer to our refund policy for more details.
57. I have made the payment and the amount has been debited but unable to access the particulars purchased.
Please write to us at or call us. You will be assisted by our support team.
58. Can I cancel my enrolment? Do I get a refund?
Yes you can. To know more please go through our Refund Policy or Contact us for further support.


59. What are add-ons?
Additional Course offerings, apart from the course video lectures, are referred to as add-ons. This includes downloadable pdf's like Question Bank, News Letters, Flash Cards, Course completion certificates and more.
60. What is Webinar meetup. Is it same as Online Meeting?
It is a meeting facility/webinar where you can participate and get your doubts/queries clarified in the course opted by you from the certified faculty or a Subject Matter Expert. To know more on a meetup, pl visit Meetups
61. Who will chair the Webinar?
A certified / Subject Matter Expert or the Faculty.
62. How often are online meetings/webinars conducted?
Every course has a unique schedule for webinars and meetings. Please visit the meetups section of that course to know more.
63. How will I get to know about the webinar?
Please visit the meetups section to know more.
64. What kind of Question Banks are available?
We provide exhaustive, detailed question banks along with solutions for select courses. The questions are carefully crafted by our in-house expert team and supported by inputs from the Faculty.
65. Is the Question Bank free or paid?
A question bank is part of the course offering along with the course videos and other add-ons.
66. How much do I need to pay for the Question Bank?
Question bank cannot be purchased separately. It is part of the entire course offerings. Please visit the respective course page for details.
67. Will I get the hard copy of the course material or the Question Bank?
Question Bank will be available as e-book reader format and most question banks can be downloaded as a pdf.
68. Will I get the soft copy of the course material or the Question Bank to my registered Email ID?
Most Question Banks can be downloaded as a pdf. Please visit the Course page to know more.
69. If I choose multiple courses do I get additional discounts?
Yes that is possible. Please write to us at or call us.
70. What is meant by Flash cards?
It is a summary with important takeaways of a course. It helps the participant to quickly run through the key points before appearing for the certification exam.
71. How will flash cards help me?
This will help you to recap the course as a ready reckoner.
72. Are there tests and exams?
Most courses have practise tests, mock exams, final exam etc. All exams are MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) format. Please visit the respective course page for details on the tests and exams.
73. Do courses have downloadable course files?
Yes, select courses have course files that can be downloaded. This could be in the form of pdf, doc, docx, pptx etc.
74. Do add-ons of a Course get updated?
Yes. Add ons are updated as and when course changes happen.
75. What courses can I expect in the coming months?
Keep visiting ApnaCourse to know more.
If there is a question that we have not addressed, please do take a minute to email us at We would be happy to answer you and also add it to our FAQ. Thanks for your support.