The video surveillance industry grew rapidly after the technological revolution, with manufacturers including advanced technology-related products. Today, most indoor and outdoor cameras feature high-end AI technology. The most interesting fact is that even advanced surveillance systems can detect the license plate.

Moreover, there are security cameras that come with facial recognition capability. Researchers are expecting the importance of these devices might increase in 2022. Besides, the video surveillance industry will become dependent on cloud solutions. It will help the users to prevent unwanted data breaching events. Cloud-based security cameras are essential for homes and offices. As it allows the users to control the device remotely using an application.

The video surveillance industry has evolved a lot over the past few years. New technologies have been developed to enhance home security. And, the manufacturers will deploy more advanced features in the future.

Thinking about what would you get in the next-generation security cameras? Check the following trends which will reshape the video surveillance industry in 2022:

1.  Manufacturer Might Use Hybrid Solutions

The manufacturers might combine cloud and edge technologies in the CCTVs. It will provide the users with better protection against cyber attacks. Moreover, this hybrid solution might secure the device from data threats. Edge-based cameras allow the users to record video files.

It removes the hassle of installing additional memory cards. And, this reduces the camera installation and hardware costs. Edge-based systems also reduce the bandwidth limit and improve storage capacity.

On the other side, cloud-based cameras offer better video resolution. It notifies the users when hackers try to access the network. Moreover, these devices back up the essential camera data. This means even if the camera fails, it will protect the video recordings. Also, cloud-based devices update the camera firmware regularly. The manufacturers will include these cloud or edge features in the new cameras. Contact the CCTV repair Dubai if the camera stops responding.

Who Should Install these High-end Security Cameras?

Though, edge solutions are not something new in the surveillance industry. But, edge technology has not been combined with cloud computing before. This security camera will be beneficial for the retailers.

Even small enterprises should install this camera that has hybrid technology. It will provide them with the ease of accessing the device. Thus, you will get everything in one video surveillance system.

2.  Emphasis on Zero Trust Network

In 2022, the latest cameras might be designed based on a zero-trust security model. This model is known as the parameter of security in the IT sector. Moreover, it has become essential to enhance the company’s cyber security. This security model will help the enterprises to gain customers’ trust. Additionally, it will improve the digital interaction between buyers and sellers.

Zero Trust uses authentication methods to protect digital platforms. It adds an extra layer of protection to the camera networks. Besides, the zero trust model offers a plethora of security controls. It prevents unauthorised users from accessing the camera network. It will secure the sensitive data and camera app. Reduce the potential vulnerabilities by installing the cameras with a zero-trust model.

Importance of Zero Trust Network in Security Camera

A firewall is not enough to ensure the surveillance system’s security. Sometimes, the anti-virus programs can fail to provide the ultimate security. In certain circumstances, zero trust networks will keep the video surveillance devices secure. It uses technologies such as network micro-segmentation.

Not aware of this security method? Well, it stores the camera data in different segments. And, this helps the business owners to restore those data during a data loss event. So, don’t wait! Get a security camera that uses a zero-trust model.

3.  The focus should be on Authentication

Security camera manufacturers might authenticate the credentials of the devices. One out of three CCTV users set an easy-to-decode password. And, this enhances the chances of data breaching. This is why the latest surveillance systems use two-factor authentication. In this security measure, the hackers can’t access the device without the code. Don’t share this security code with anyone in the organisation.

Ensure to enable the 2FA feature from the mobile app or the web portal. Most surveillance systems have this feature in the ”Security” tab. But, this might vary from one security camera brand to another.

Unable to find this effective authentication feature? Contact an expert to know where the 2FA feature is in the mobile app. Even the advanced security camera might have multi-factor authentication. But, it is still unknown – when the manufacturers will include this feature.

4.  The Importance of AI-Enabled Camera will Increase

Artificial Intelligence has dominated different sectors – the surveillance industry is no exception. In 2021, thousands of companies started using AI-based cameras. Many home and business owners will be installing this surveillance system this year also. Because these devices offer accurate results and real-time information to the users.

Moreover, AI-enabled cameras can recognise small objects easily. Some of these systems even have event recognition capabilities. This has a massive application in the offices that have large parking areas.

Moreover, AI-powered cameras improve image quality and clarity. Even when the device is installed in low light conditions, users gain quality images. AI speeds up the image processing in the latest security cameras. It also helps the users to store a considerable amount of data in the device.

AI will also improve the surveillance system’s performance in the long run. Starting from configuration to analytics, AI-enabled cameras are best in every aspect.

5.  The rise in Thermal Security Camera

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the businesses faced severe challenges. To cope with this situation, the surveillance industry introduced thermal cameras. Many companies, shops, and restaurants are currently using this no-contact security solution. Moreover, these security cameras offer a plethora of benefits to the users. It can detect a person’s temperature even when there’s no light or low light. These devices can be ideal for every business, irrespective of their size.

Besides, thermal cameras can detect high temperatures within a second. It can scan temperatures up to 10 to 16 feet away from the affected person. Even the latest thermal security cameras have facial recognition capabilities.

It also lets users check the images in high and low resolution. These cameras are easy to install and configure. So, find the best thermal camera for the business to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

6.  5G Technology is on the Way

The usage of 5G technology in smartphones has increased over the years. And, now, this technology will be equipped with security cameras. According to researchers, outdoor cameras might get 5G support by the end of 2022.

It might increase the growth of the video surveillance industry. Moreover, 5G technology will improve the security camera’s speed and performance. It might also decrease the response time and boost real-time monitoring.

5G-enabled security cameras might have a wide range of features. And, these include traffic management, fire detection, access control and intruder detection. Even multiple users can access the live camera feeds with this next-gen technology. It will improve the machine learning algorithms to develop video analysis. This technology will help the users to track employees’ activities. Remove the privacy concerns from the security cameras with 5G technology.

Which Security Cameras Should You Buy in 2022?

There are a handful of high-end cameras the entrepreneurs can buy this year. Install Wyze Cam Pan v2 to get the best security features. Opt for the Arlo Video Doorbell if there is insufficient space in the home or office. You can also go with Arlo Pro 4 or Nest Cam. And, for more recommendations, contact a security camera installation expert.

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Guest Author – Helen Barnes
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