8 Interesting Courses to Sync your Passion with your Career

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8 Interesting Courses to Sync your Passion with your Career


Majority of schools in India do not provide higher education and career counseling. Hence, teenagers are left in a lurch when it comes to choosing a right higher education course and career. They are at mercy of parents who want them to follow a particular profession that is perceived as prestigious. In some cases, students are forced to follow the flock and join peers in selecting a higher studies course that seems trendy. Hence, most students are unable to follow their passion while selecting a career.

The Flip Side

Consequently, students graduating from colleges and universities find it very difficult to get good employment opportunities. They complete the higher education course without any real interest and try to find jobs in which they are least suited despite holding required qualifications. Those who find good employment live with lifelong regrets about not following their passion but opting for a career chosen by parents or foisted by peers.

Courses to Sync Passion & Career

However, you need not follow flock with peers or cede to demands of following a profession chosen by parents. Nowadays, there are excellent courses available across India that allows you to chart a career in the field you are most passionate about. Here we examine some such courses.

Masters in Business Administration

Master of Business Administration or MBA is a very prestigious and useful degree provided you study at a top-rated business-school in India. Before signing up for the course, it is vital to remember that only seven percent of MBA graduates are employable.

Only MBA grads that qualify from most reputed b-schools and possess skills expected from the degree get employed. For others, it is a waste of time, money and effort as they have to make do with low paid jobs. Nowadays, MBA courses that offer specialization in various fields are also available.

Bachelor of Hotel Management

India’s hospitality sector currently exhibits a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 7.5 percent. The sector also contributes 7.5 percent revenue to India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It is billed among the fastest growing sectors in India and continues to attract domestic and foreign investment.

Doing a Bachelor in Hotel Management is excellent if you have a passion for travel and tourism. You can get employed with large hotel and resort chains and find postings at various locations in India and abroad.

Bachelor of Communication & Journalism

Despite Indian media drawing flak for biased reportage, paid news, and other evils, the industry is showing a CAGR of about eight percent per annum. This is evident from the number of new newspapers, TV and radio channels that are mushrooming across the country. Simultaneously, advertising and public relations industry is also witnessing a boom. For those with a nose for news and sense of justice, a Bachelor of Communication & Journalism is ideal. The course will help you embark on a journalism career or find good jobs in advertising and PR industry.

Bachelor of Computer Application

The best part of holding a degree in IT and computer sciences are opportunities to upgrade and diversify skills. India is fast emerging as the world’s largest e-commerce market. Government departments, financial institutions, and almost every organization now offer online services.

The trend will continue well into the future. This will spur a demand for graduates skilled in computer application, data analysis, software development and a host of other IT related streams. For computer geeks, this course allows for blending passion and career.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

This country is famous since ancient times for its fine arts. This includes painting, drawing, sculpting, designing, interior design, and many other streams. Thus, Bachelor of Fine Arts is an excellent course for anyone that wishes to give wings to their creativity.

Large companies hire fine arts graduates for designing their promotional material, logos, banners, product casings and various other items. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree also opens doors to advertising agencies and media houses that look for people to design ads and campaigns.

Company Secretary

The designation of Company Secretary may sound rather dull and boring. However, working as Company Secretary is very interesting. It involves your participation in every important element of a company- from helping decision making to framing various policies, interacting with honchos of other major firms and lobbying with government officials.

The job entails great responsibility and attracts very high salary packages with attractive perks. You can pursue a Company Secretary course after completion of Higher Secondary Certificate or graduation. Entry to CS courses is through an exam, which is the second toughest in India after that for Chartered Accountant.

Chartered Accountant

Students with a flair for numbers, mathematics, intricate calculations and accounts can study for the Chartered Accountant course. It is the toughest non-engineering courses in India and admissions are through an entrance exam only. Chartered Accountants are in demand everywhere. They work for top Indian and multinational companies or open their own practice.

Chartered Accountants are highly respected in the country. Further, becoming a CA also opens doors to wealth. From top companies to high net worth individuals and salaried persons, everyone needs a CA to file tax returns.

Bachelor of Science (Aviation)

Aviation in India was a highly neglected sector until recent years. However, policies adopted by the Indian government have changed the scenario: the country now has a thriving aviation sector consisting of state-owned and private players. Anyone with a passion for flying or interested in aircraft can opt for a Bachelor of Science (Aviation) course. The course includes training in flying. It also includes training in handling radar and navigational systems used at airports and on board airliners.

The course covers aircraft maintenance and various other procedures and processes followed by the aviation industry. You can work as a pilot and travel the world or utilize this degree for finding excellent jobs with airlines, airports and other stakeholders of the aviation industry in India and abroad.

In Conclusion

You may be surprised we have omitted careers in medical and engineering professions from our list of interesting courses. Figures compiled by various agencies and organizations prove that engineering and medical students often struggle to find jobs or set up own practice despite spending a mini fortune on courses and laborious studies. This situation is not caused by a dearth of jobs. Rather, it is a result of several engineering and medical colleges not imparting skills required for these professions.

Studies reveal several engineering and medical colleges lack facilities required to train students for a career. Though these students graduate as engineer and physicians, their skills can be called dubious, at best. Instead, try any of these courses that allow you to blend passion and career for a happier life.


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