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by | Feb 21, 2017 | Project Management

A project manager needs to be a good communicator to get the work done from the team. The responsibility of communication gets extended to update the project status throughout the project life cycle to relevant stakeholders. There is no specific time for making this, at every opportunity it is needed throughout the project life cycle. Be it a formal or informal communication, it should be persuasive/convincing to the opponents/stakeholders.

The communication should be clear and collaborative. Confirming the understanding of the stakeholders will resolve lots of misunderstandings during approval/sign off stages. Please be noted that communication is used for both exchanging project related information and building healthy relationships with stakeholders.

Usually, status review/status update meetings are expected to be conducted at regular intervals. This should be planned and designed to make it familiar to all participants. These meetings should include what tasks have been completed and what is planned in the near future, where the project is at..(Progress status) and whether there are any troubles (identified risks) anticipated. These information will help to complete the meeting as planned and avoid unnecessary queries from the participants. It is also important to keep the meeting focused for the purpose it is intended to.

Let us analyze and understand some of the important aspects of effective communication while communicating the project related information to the stakeholders or communicating critical issues/feedback to the team members.

  • Choose effective method for communicating the information
    ✓ Meetings/eMail/Feedback sessions
  • Mind the language/posture during communication
    ✓ Applicable for both formal and informal communication
  • Review the status updates and keep the information up to date
    ✓ Ensuring the latest and relevant information
  • Ensure the integrity of the data
    ✓ Avoid wrong or incorrect data
  • Ensure the information is presented properly
    ✓ Presentation format
  • Ensure the information is addressed to the right people
    ✓ Ensuring the intended audience for communication and keep everyone in the loop
  • Ensure the timeliness of the communication
    ✓ Ensuring that the information is given at the suitable timing or beforehand

Other tips:

  • Classify the mails/communications
    • Minutes of meetings, Call updates, Follow ups and Reminders
  • Create a group for email ids (Team@; Management@ and Client@) for multiple participants and ensure the group is updated properly.
  • While communicating complex information through email or document, have a call and explain the key aspects
  • Archive necessary approval/sign off information

Performing and informing the performance… will always lead to success…Happy Learning…

Vittal G Panduranga, PMP,CTFL
A PMP® and ISTQB CTFL Certified Professional with over 13 years of experience in the BFSI Sector and having worked in leading organizations. Read More.

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