We humans are a species of routines, reluctant to change, yet forging ways to evolve. The initial response to change, mostly, if not always, is met with resistance. Resistance by self, resistance by peers, colleagues, or society in general. Change is always met with awkwardness. However, once you take that plunge, you adapt to the new ways, it feels, that it all made sense, that you always belonged here. Take for e.g., Prakhar Kumar Singh and Saloni Verma.

Saloni Verma secured AIR 70 in UPSC 2020. She credits her strategy to the internet and self-study. Yes, you read that right. The feat that she achieved with not just her sheer dedication and hard work, but also by ditching the regular study techniques and adapting to newer ways of learning. “Self-study is the best weapon for any UPSC aspirant. You have good internet service and can study well, everything is available online.” Says Saloni. *

Prakhar Kumar Singh cracked the civil services exam and secured 29th rank in UPSC 2020. His strategy, he read his books, basic NCERT books and solved online tests to succeed in UPSC Civil Services Exam. *

What was common between these two achievers, was, they dared to take a different path. Similarly, learners today are paving their way to success not only by taking the traditional route but by also adapting to newer ways of learning. Exams by ApnaCourse, has become one of the favourite platforms amongst students who are keen to enhance their learnings via a gaming module. This gives them complete freedom to choose the level of difficulty/challenge one is up to, at any given point. Also, unlike a typical set of questions, from a typical chapter/unit, a student gets access to an enormous pool of questions from varied educators, who are masters in their respective fields. And here’s the best part, students taking these exams are rewarded, not just by getting “Good”, “Very Good”, “Excellent” comments, but by getting real money for every correct answer. Doesn’t this sound interesting? I bet, one cannot resist this and would want to come back to it, again and again, and again. Not just for learning, but for earning too. Not only to boost one’s confidence but to also get an edge over others. Not only to learn from one educator but to learn from a pool of experts in their respective fields.

Exams by ApnaCourse is one such platform that has not just one educator from a similar background and expertise, but multiple educators spread across geographical locations and with rich experiences amassed over the years. These educators are the ones who believed in the adage, “Change is only constant” hence, adapted to the change, while equally being responsible to contribute to the student’s journey towards success in this unique play way method, a gamified version of learning.

As a famous author, motivational speaker, and activist, Mr. Shiv Khera once said, “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”. Exams is doing things differently!

* Source credit: Jagran Josh https://www.jagranjosh.com/articles/just-self-study-internet-to-crack-upsc-civil-services-ias-saloni-verma-and-prakhar-singh-strategy-1641884109-1

Author – Ms. Sunita Kumar
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