What Will ITIL Certification Be Like When You Adequately Plan

by | Oct 31, 2015 | IT Management

I took my ITIL(F) in early September 2014. It was in the works for sometime but I decided to complete it by the weekend.

 Friends,I did prepare on Saturday and scheduled the exam on Sunday. I passed with 90% as the pass percentage.

I took the ITIL(F) online course through ApnaCourse.com, a well-recognized online education platform that partners with leading training institutes across domains. For the ITIL course, the partner institute was a Renowned and Approved ITIL Certification training and exam provider.

I started with the video tutorials on ApnaCourse and I found the training to be useful from a perspective of coverage of concepts of ITIL. The modules were structured well and hence it was clear on what is being covered. I also did take up the practice tests that were provided by ApnaCourse and though I initially did not fare well, I managed to increase my percentage through practice.

The full length tests (called mock exams) were very helpful. The full tests covered all the domains of ITIL (Service Delivery, Transition … ) and it gave a good overview of what is expected of each domain and how the questions can be in the exam. If you had been through some part of IT Service Management in your scope of work, the concepts should be very simple to understand.

 I found that most of the questions were easy in the exam once these tests were taken with proper attention. Many times the questions were almost the same but the answers were twisted to confuse the participant.I would strongly say that it is better to go through the entire ITIL(F) videos, take the entire tests, download the Question Bank as PDFs and keep reading them multiple times over a period of 2 weekends. ITILF can be easily passed if around 10 hours of practice can be put in place.

It is also recommended to read few online blogs and some documents from Axelos (the governing body of ITIL).

The exam is conducted by an Authorized Exam Provider. Typically the provider would create a login that is valid for a duration of 4 hours. So if the exam was initially at 5pm, I believe you can take the exam even at 7pm as the link remains valid. It is better to take the exam at the end of taking few practice tests so that it remains fresh in your mind.

To summarize, do the video tutorial from ApnaCourse, take all the practice tests provided, do the full length tests (mocks) and run through the Question Bank till you are consistently getting 90% and above. The exam would be very straight forward to clear.

Good luck!

Best wishes,

Venkatraman L

Satish Rajagopalan, CISA, ITIL Foundation
CEO & Founder at Spearhead EduOnline Pvt Ltd. (the company that owns and operates ApnaCourse.com). He holds a btech in Computer Science, an MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship and a post graduation in Finance. Read More.

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