What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear the word online game? Most youngsters or the millennials would say, PubG and COD and few others or the old timers would say, the classic Mahjong, Solitaire, Candy Crush, Sudoku, or even “desi” games like Ludo.

Online gaming has gained much momentum during this pandemic. More and more people have found solace in these online games. In fact, people have built communities around this. One of the hot topics of discussion amongst youth today are these digital games. Few of these games have bought families together; as the new saying goes “Family that plays together, stays together.”

We are now witnessing a paradigm shift to the entire online gaming concept. There is a new format of gaming that is shaping up and is taking those baby steps and crawling into the lives of many. This is the other side of the world of online gaming called Play2Earn. Exams by ApnaCourse, a leading ed-tech firm has recently introduced a similar platform. It is an experience that connects the virtual world with the real world, quite literally. You play the game virtually, earn through these games and pocket your earnings in your physical wallet.


The concept of Play2Earn

What exactly is this Play2Earn? As the word suggest, you play a game, and you earn real money playing that. The concept, although new, is already making its presence feel and is ready to take that giant leap into the world of online gaming. It is ready to become a part of our everyday routine. This has created quite a buzz among the gaming enthusiast vis a vis, the youth and all the other stakeholders. Industry stalwarts and experts share this enthusiasm and believe that this is the next grandiose thing that will see its peak in the coming years, and we have just begun scraping the surface.


The amalgamation of Play2Earn and Play2Learn

While Play2Earn is itself a new concept, one touches a different sphere when this is integrated with learning. In the recent past, ed-tech firms have also adopted this concept and integrated learning with gaming.

Exams is a unique, first of its kind gaming platform where students can assess their learning and earn cashback as rewards for performing well. The more you play, the more you earn and so much more you learn. There are numerous studies that has shown that reward-based learning enhances the entire learning process. When students are appreciated, they are motivated to perform better-each time, every time. It motivates them to challenge themselves. There is a feeling of pride and happiness associated for doing well. It teaches them life skills, of taking calculated risk and informed decision. There is also a community that they build along the way: communities that are a safe space for both, Educators, and students.

A space that has learners would be incomplete without the Educators. As an Educator one would want to hop on to this bandwagon of imparting knowledge; differently yet effectively. This kind of gaming concept does not just benefit the students but has innumerable benefits for its Educators. Platform like Exams has a unique reward system for the Educators for sharing their knowledge with the world of seekers. The rewards that are monetary benefits can become a passive income for the partner Educators.

As an Educator the core value is to “educate” the students, and this is one such way of doing it. You get to leave an impact on the student community at large. Not just your own students, but also on that child who inadvertently becomes your student by accessing your teachings on these platforms.

In conclusion, thanks to easy access of internet, a student sitting in tier 2 or tier 3 city or in a small town, who has limited access to quality education, can now access these platforms and enhance their learning, albeit with lower spending; unlike the city bred or without spending a fortune.

The bottom line is- There are games that we play for fun, there are few others that assess our skills, but there are very few that enhances our skills, educates us along the way and also provides us an opportunity to earn while we are at it. The youth today are not confined to the old ways of gaming, they have been exposed to this new format of online game. It is time we buckle up, indulge, embrace and welcome this with open arms.

Author – Ms. Sunita Kumar
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