How self motivation can help someone to learn?

by | Nov 22, 2015 | HR Management

When was the last time you worked with an open mind and passionately towards your job and goal? When was the last time self motivation helped you to go an extra mile to contribute?

As a HR, especially when your task is to motivate others how do you motivate yourself?

Not only our job is mentally draining but it requires us to put ourselves ahead on the other problems, most of the time overlooking ourselves. And just when you realise your work has been on track and problems are sorted your manager comes with another sets of questions looking for answers. There comes a day when all the problems have to occur. Housekeeping staff hasn’t cleaned the place, UPS broke down, important meetings have to be rescheduled, client is angry, someone fell sick after eating in canteen, some one resigns etc and above this you have your personal issues to deal with.

So the question arises do you find time for yourself? How many times have you felt to just leave everything and run away or go back to sleep assuming it a bad dream? More the people you meet more the things you need to deal with.

Remember this – YOU ARE DOING AMAZING!!! You are a hero for yourself.

Find your inner peace and strength. Focus on emotional well being. Orders of struggling can be leading to survival of the situation of which you can thrive for success. Every action that you do can have an equal reaction. The depth of the reaction comes only after it’s done.

The next immediate process post analyzing the potential risks, is preparing or planning the risk responses to the identified risks.


Go for a long walk alone. This will help you to calm down. Usually a cup of strong coffee and music helps me to think differently, give my space and watching short comedy sitcoms uplifts my mood. Harmony programs, Meditation at your desk and lot of other recreational activities are available.

Most importantly learn to say No when you have to. We tend to over work ourselves and stretch way beyond than we can do. Don’t say yes to everything that comes in your way. Work passionately and smartly. The work which can be completed later during the day or delegated should not be of much importance. A teacher once taught us the below and since then I use it often.

Do-IT-Now – High importance; Delegate – next priority; Dump – for later reading; Delete- I don’t care

This sorts most of my problems and gives me sufficient time to focus on my learning. Every field requires continuous learning and upgrading of the skills for our growth. Having a strong support system from the company and family also plays a very key role. If you have a boss who motivates you, it’s a reward. My current company created an open learning environment. Not only they supported me to take up projects outside my current role but also encouraged me to pursue my writing skills and here I am blogging 🙂 One of the reasons for self motivation.

A positive push from the management can also become one of the driving forces for the HR to deal effectively.

Find that reason which motivates you and makes you happy. And when you do that you will have lot of reasons never to feel defeated.

Satish Rajagopalan, CISA, ITIL Foundation
CEO & Founder at Spearhead EduOnline Pvt Ltd. (the company that owns and operates He holds a btech in Computer Science, an MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship and a post graduation in Finance. Read More.

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