Have you ever looked beyond Naukri or Monster to source candidates?

by | Nov 25, 2015 | HR Management

A Boon for us!! Social media forums can become an added advantage if used in a right way to source candidates efficiently.

 Most of them probably wouldn’t update their resumes on job portals but will surely update their job searching status on Facebook /Twitter/LinkedIn.Please understand social recruiting doesn’t have to be using of social media only. It can also be from other social mediums like meet-ups etc.

As a HR it is important to be in top of hiring and reach out to a larger crowd and how do we do it? Will only Job portals work? Will referrals work every time? Can we outsource our hiring for every role to a consultancy? The answer is NO.

I have listed some of the social media tricks which can be used. This is limited only to Bangalore. Some groups listed below will also help you to find candidates across the country. If searched at micro level you can also find lot of area based groups.

1. Facebook – Join groups like put me in touch, Weprofessionals, Indian job seekers, Bangalore freshers, jobs in Bangalore-full time and part time jobs, Job referral – kill the monster of Naukri. If you are into start-up hiring look into groups like Start-up hiring, Bangalore start-ups, Bangalore start-ups connect, Bangalore referral seeker’s, MRA Job seekers

These forums help you connecting to a lot of job seekers. Roles like Social media manager, business development, graphic designer, store assistant and other niche profiles one can find individual referrals.

2. Linkedin – Look for the individuals with the skills set, optimise your search option with advanced people search and approach them. The option of adding personal messages while sending a request can gain attention of the individual and also create curiosity hence helping you to take the discussion ahead. Make sure you type a message which interest him and forces him to accept your invitation. You can also use the option of Inmail. Also participate in different group discussions. Bigger the network easier hiring

3. Indeed.com – Do a free job posting and then send personalized emails to the candidates from the forum. If the individual is interested he will respond back. One added advantage is you can view the candidates profile without spending a buck and can easily approach them. There are lot of portals like hasgeek (tech hiring), iimjobs.com, babajobs.com, apnacircle, careerbuilder.co.in, careesma.in, mastermindnetwork.co.in etc which can support in hiring but are paid services.

4. When a candidate says he is not looking for a job ask him if there is anyone is his circle who would be looking for a job. This can’t guarantee, you will find a candidate but it’s always good to spread the word.

5. Attend discussion sessions, meetups in the city (meetup.com), BHive community, BNI, Toastmasters, social gatherings, seminars to meet more people.There is also lot of knowledge transfers which can also be beneficial.

6. Have you ever approached a local NGO or social homes for your hiring? Next time try this!! There are lot of NGO’S which are always approaching companies to place individuals. You will be surprised to see there is diversified skill sets available in the market.

I came across a survey done by Jobvite last year which brings the insight of online social recruiting. We are living in the era of social media and as a HR use simple hacks to reach out to more individuals.

Social Recruiting Survey 2014

A very detailed infographics about social recruiting and it will give you an insight about how social media has driven recruitment.

We have programmed ourselves to hire only using technology. Get out and try the conventional methods as well.

Happy hiring!!

Satish Rajagopalan, CISA, ITIL Foundation
CEO & Founder at Spearhead EduOnline Pvt Ltd. (the company that owns and operates ApnaCourse.com). He holds a btech in Computer Science, an MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship and a post graduation in Finance. Read More.

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