Welcome to the new world of Online Teaching. While the concept has existed for many years, it blew up exponentially since 2020 Covid pandemic. Today, online teaching is no more a fad. It’s a requirement. Institutions that haven’t been able to go online have either shut shop or finding it really difficult to continue. Students are not comfortable to travel to an offline class but are instead better off learning from the comfort of their homes

Now that the premise for Online teaching has been set, lets now see how Educators have transitioned to the online world

The Online Transformation

There are 3 ways in which educators can collaborate with their students digitally.

  1. They engage the students directly via a tech platform built by their own team or available in the market. Here, the marketing and the student onboarding is done by the educator. So the onus of doing digital marketing and giving pre sales talks and getting the students registered and preparing the curriculum and teaching and assessing students learning curve is all on the educator. There is so much to do in this scenario. Ideal for educators who have dedicated teams that can do the individual activities.
  2. They join a marketplace and teach along with 1 Million other educators. Here, the marketing and the promotion is done by the marketplace but it doesn’t guarantee much returns. Simply because there are a million others fighting for the same student base. So the educator feels there will be great demand for his/her courses but ends up losing after a point in time on realizing that it’s a never ending conundrum of competing with the other educators. Such an approach is ideal for educators in their initial days having just started to teach but never a long term benefit.
  3. They tie-up as partners with curated marketplaces. A curated marketplace is one that hand picks educators based on a certain set of criteria. Such a marketplace model is gaining traction in recent times since it ensures quality teaching to students and good returns to educators. This is so because, students get to learn only from the top notch educators and are willing to pay a slight premium as compared to the pure marketplace models. Educators don’t get lost in the crowd but are instead onboarded only after a thorough quality check process. This ensure they don’t fight with the millions on the pure marketplace model but just a handful. So, higher demand side, lower supply side. Economics will tell you that’s a great model for the suppliers.

How is ApnaCourse different

ApnaCourse is one such curated marketplace. Since the launch in 2013, ApnaCourse has maintained this clear vision of onboarding only the best. Having grown to over 200 online courses with 100+ faculty partners, ApnaCourse has established itself has a leader in quality online education. Be it top training institutes like OMI & Adaptive US or corporates such as Flipkart & Hewlett Packard or thought leaders like Dr. Muralikrishna (Joint Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Government of Karnataka), ApnaCourse has been their go-to digital platform for teaching.

ApnaCourse now intends to replicate this success on its first ever Play to Earn education platform called “Exams” where students get to answer questions posted by best-in-class educators and earn rewards on every right attempt. Not only is such a process more engaging but is also extremely rewarding. Within just weeks of launch, Exams has found good traction amongst students and educators alike. Educators are seeing the value ads of partnering with a curated marketplace both on their brand visibility as well as financial returns. The initial euphoria isnt dying anytime soon but instead seems to be growing faster than expected and Exams is geared to make it big! Educators focus only on what they have known to do best – Creating great curriculum and doing great teaching. The rest of the activities from marketing to promotions to tech stack etc is completely handled by ApnaCourse.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are an educator with significant teaching experience and want to contribute, join ApnaCourse today. Within a few months, you’ll realize this was the best decision you have ever made!



Satish Rajagopalan, CISA, CISSP, CISM, ITIL Foundation CEO & Founder at Fynamics Group (the Group that owns and operates ApnaCourse in the Edtech vertical). He holds a btech in Computer Science, an MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship and a post graduation in Finance. Read More.

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