What should you use? Organic Promotion or Paid Ads in Social Networks to Promote your Business

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Digital Marketing

First let me explain what is meant by organic promotion in social networks. Organic promotion refers to promotion by human efforts without using any ads. This can vary from one social network to another. But mainly consist of providing

  • Updates
  • Participating in groups
  • Interacting with users etc

For e.g. in LinkedIn, organic promotion refers to providing

  • Updates for company page and showcase pages
  • Increasing connections relevant to business
  • Interaction with connections
  • Participating in various groups relevant to business
  • Promoting your product / service in groups
  • Publishing articles on LinkedIn

When you promote your business through organic promotion, you establish your brand, prove your expertise on the subject matter. But it will take some time for you to realize this. Therefore, if your product / service is good, then you can start reaping your gains from day 1 onwards by opting for paid ads in social networks.

As said earlier, each network has its own advantages and promoting through paid ads is quite different too.

First, you’ll have to decide your business goal and depending on that you must choose your bidding. It is quite simple but knowing them properly will be very helpful.

Therefore, to establish long term, continuous branding, go for organic promotion and to realize quick results opt for paid ads.

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Dr. Kumuda Gururao,, the founder of Advisor2U.com, is a renowned Independent Consultant/Advisor for eLearning, Educational Technology and Social Media Marketing. She has participated in various National and International Workshops and as an Expert Spearker in Digital Marketing and Education Technology summits.Read More.

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