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Architectural Working Drawings in AutoCAD


                                                                                  A BIG NOTE



This course is for those who want to learn Working Drawings, which is a must for an Architect. I’ll be starting with the concept, then I’ll make Submission drawings and then finally we’ll move to Working drawings. So, this course is a bit longer than other courses, but trust me, you will not regret it when you will enroll in this course. And as far I am concerned, you will not find such a course anywhere on the internet. So if you feel that this course can add value to your work, then go ahead, enroll in it and I’ll see you in the course. 

Course Faculty
Akshay Jain
My name is Akshay Jain and I’ll be your instructor to this course. I a... more>>
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Course Overview

What you’ll learn

  • How to Prepare Professional looking Working Drawings
  • How to Make Submission Drawings
  • An Overview of Structure and MEP Services
  • How to make Detailed Sections and Elevations
  • How to coordinate working drawings with structure drawings
  • How to make professional looking architectural details that are must for building construction
  • You will learn Toilet details, staircase details, false ceiling details, Internal elevations of various rooms.
  • How to prepare Site Plan while keeping in mind Building bye laws.
  • How to design unit plan(3bhk). How to make a cluster out of that unit plan
  • how to add columns and apply grids to the unit plan
  • how plumbing network works for a site and later how it functions for a building

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Basic understanding of AutoCAD Software. No matter which Version.
  • Intent to Learn

Who this course is for:

  • All students and Professional from Designing community - Architects, Interior Designers etc.
  • AutoCAD, Architects, Architectural design, Engineer
  • Civil engineering, Autodesk, structure engineering

Course Curriculum
1 About the Course Preview 04:22
2 Designing a 3BHK Unit Plan 52:17
3 Typical 3bhk Cluster Plan 42:18
4 Stilt Floor Plan 58:45
5 Applying Grids and Columns 25:34
6 Terrace and Mumty Floor Plans 01:05:34
7 Adding Expansion Joint to 3BHK Cluster Plan 23:09
8 EWS (Economic Weaker Section) Floor Plan 40:06
9 Front Elevation 49:15
10 Side Elevation 43:52
11 Longitudinal Section (Part-1) 01:06:42
12 Longitudinal Section (Part-2) 59:55
13 Transverse Section 01:18:02
14 Submission Drawings(Part-01) 55:50
15 Submission Drawings(Part-02(a) 01:00:01
16 Submission Drawings(Part-02(b) 44:41
17 Submission Drawings(Part-03) 39:10
18 Site Plan -01 58:54
19 Site Plan -02 56:03
20 Borehole Location 14:11
21 Columns Layout(Part--1) 43:34
22 Columns Layout(Part--2) 32:10
23 Setting Out Plan 25:27
24 Naming the Drawings 03:49
25 Stilt Floor Plan (Part-01) 01:00:18
26 Stilt Floor Plan (Part-02) 53:59
27 Typical Floor Plan (Part-01) 56:43
28 Typical Floor Plan (Part-02) 49:56
29 Terrace Column Layout 04:43
30 Terrace Floor Plan 57:08
31 Sections Part-1 01:00:44
32 Sections Part-2 49:40
33 Elevations 23:23
34 Toilet Details- PLAN 24:55
35 Toilet Details- ELEVATIONS 01:29:53
36 Disabled Toilet details 01:02:17
37 Kitchen Details 01:23:54
38 Bedroom internal elevations 01:21:00
39 Fire Staircase Details - PLAN 30:42
40 Fire Staircase Details - SECTION 01 01:20:31
41 Fire Staircase Details - SECTION 02 35:37
42 Other Details 48:06
43 Door and Window Details Part-1 01:00:44
44 Door and Window Details Part-2 47:20
45 Updating the drawing 07:49
46 Balcony Details Part-1 01:00:10
47 Balcony Details Part-2 43:55
48 External Wall plaster 17:41
49 Fire Door Details 32:14
50 Lift Details 01:19:51
51 Expansion Joint Details 01:00:00
52 FHC Details 52:06
53 Shaft Closing Details 20:12
54 Corridor Elevations Part-1 58:38
55 Corridor Elevations Part-2 42:20
56 Shaft Opening Details 01:03:39
57 Toilet Counter Details 24:18
58 Electric Meter Details 58:58
59 Pedestrian Entry Details - PLAN 01:01:21
60 Pedestrian Entry Details - SECTIONS 59:19
61 Pedestrian Entry Details - ELEVATIONS 25:43
62 Guard Room Details - PLAN 48:02
63 Guard Room Details - SECTIONS 01:08:15
64 Guard Room Details - ELEVATIONS 01:19:23
65 Main Gate Details 01:05:31
66 Boundary Wall Details 01:13:56
67 Stilt Floor RCP 19:18
68 Typical Floor RCP 31:00
69 Terrace Floor RCP 05:29
70 Stilt Flooring Layout 39:48
71 Typical Floor Flooring 34:46
72 Unit Plan Flooring 44:02
73 Furniture Layout 15:49
74 Plumbing Services( Part-01) 01:00:03
75 Plumbing Services( Part-02) 46:32
76 Sewer Line 13:38
77 Storm Water Supply 11:06
78 Water Supply Concept Drawing 12:26

Eligibility Criteria

This course is best suited for Freshers or Under-graduate Architecture or Interior Design students. But frankly, anyone who has an interest in Design or technical process of construction of buildings can take this course. You don't need to be a student of design. But yes, if you have some basic understanding of design and Software knowledge, then it is an added advantage and I will say just go ahead with the course.

I wish you All the Best !!!

KEEP SHINING.......... KEEP SMILING.....!!!!!

Ratings & Reviews
Good, Good

Akshay Jain
Highly Informative course for architects and interior Designers!

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Course Expert
Akshay Jain
My name is Akshay Jain and I’ll be your instructor to this course. I am an architect by Profession , and I have a professional experience of 5 years. I had worked in Delhi and Gurugram offices. I always wanted to share my professional experience , so I started planning to launch a course that can help others. And this is my first course on Digital Platform.
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