This Online Training Course in International Accounting Standards (IAS) is delivered by Financial Training Institute (FTI), a premier ACCA training institute and a Gold Approved Learning Provider of ACCA UK. The course gives a detailed insight into IAS and accounting principles
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Financial Training Institute
A Premier Training Institute & Gold Approved Learning Provider of ACCA UK. more>>
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Course Overview
This Online Training Course in International Accounting Standards (IAS) is delivered by Financial Training Institute (FTI), a premier ACCA training institute and a Gold Approved Learning Provider of ACCA UK. The course gives a detailed insight into IAS and accounting principles.

Course Curriculum
1 IFRS Introduction Part 1 14:49
2 IFRS Introduction Part 2 22:15
3 Summary of the Session 03:48
4 Presentation of Financial Statements 26:44
5 Summary of the Session 01:03
6 Accounting for Inventories 17:10
7 Summary of the Session 01:18
8 IFRS Revenue Recognition 22:21
9 Summary of the Session 02:41
10 PPE accounting principles in IFRS 18:36
11 Summary 01:02
12 Investment Property Accounting Preview 05:18
13 Summary 01:00
14 Accounting for Borrowing Costs Preview 05:59
15 Session Summary 00:52
16 Accounting for Intangible Assets 12:35
17 Session Summary 00:53
18 How to account Impairment of Assets 12:40
19 Summary of the Session 01:59
20 Accounting Polices, Estimates and Errors 11:42
21 Summary 00:56
22 Accounting for NCA held for sale 08:19
23 Session Summary 01:01
24 What are the Events after the Reporting Period 09:22
25 Session Summary 01:10
26 What are Group Accounts 36:02
27 Session Summary 02:56
28 The Consolidated Statement of Profit or Loss and other Comprehensive Income 07:26
29 Summary of the Session 00:54
30 IFRS accounting principles for Associates 05:22
31 Summary of the Session 00:50
32 What are Share Based Payments 05:26
33 Key Session takeaways 01:43
34 Handling Foreign Currency Transactions 06:07
35 Key Takeaways 01:20
36 Handling Related Party Transactions 03:02
37 Summary 01:00
38 Accounting for Employee Benefits 09:01
39 Session Takeaways 02:08
40 Biological Assets 07:39
41 Session Takeaways 00:48
42 Accounting for Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets 22:57
43 Summary 00:59
44 Accounting for Financial Instruments 17:55
45 Summary 01:19
46 Handling Construction Contracts 08:43
47 Key Takeaways 01:04
48 IFRS Accounting Principles governing Government Grants 07:30
49 Key Takeaways 00:46
50 All about Leases 11:15
51 Summary 00:40
52 Accounting for Taxation in IFRS 13:29
53 Summary 01:51
54 Handling EPS (Earnings Per Share) 13:22
55 Summary 00:39
56 First Time Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards 14:01
57 Summary 01:30

Eligibility Criteria
Participants to this course should have basic knowledge on Accounting principles and know finance jargons.

Ratings & Reviews
As, Your be

As, Your be

Mr. Arvind Kumar
Accountant, UPPCL

Mr. Sampath_Kumar_N Kunagu
Audit assistant, Sushmita Chowdhury & Co
Good course.

Mr. Mony Sachin Kantheti
Audit Associate, Brahmayya & Co.,
above average

Manager, IFRS9-PSGL, Projects, Scope International

Mr. Mayank Goel
Manager, DPNC

Vinodhinee T
Accounts Manager, K2S Consulting Pte Ltd, Singapore
Put in simple words, this course makes an otherwise seemingly complicated IFRS to look relatively easy

Khalid Taher Al Hababi
good course


Arpita Singh

Mr. Jibin Jose

Aarthie Ganesh
Great course and complete value for money.

Gunther Gerber
Really enjoying the course material. I am combining it with the IAS and IFRS statement printouts

Good coverage.

Aswini R Pai
The content explained well with simple examples which helped to comprehend the topics with ease.

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Course Expert
Financial Training Institute
Financial Training Institute (FTI) is a premier ACCA training institute and a Gold Approved Learning Provider of ACCA UK. The FTI team consists of highly qualified and experienced ACCA’s, CA’s and MBA’s. The team is led by Mr. Narayanan Nambiar, a Chartered Accountant who has more than 30 years experience in Financial Management, Accounting, Audit and Taxation. He has handled several training projects of UN, World Bank and DFID of UK. FTI handles IFRS training programs for a vast number of MNC's and International Organizations.
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