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Online Training Course on Basics of International Accounting Standards (IAS)


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 Financial Training Institute
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This Online Training Course in International Accounting Standards (IAS) is delivered by Financial Training Institute (FTI), a premier ACCA training institute and a Gold Approved Learning Provider of ACCA UK. The course gives a detailed insight into IAS and accounting principles.
Introduction to the Course
1 IFRS Introduction Part 1 14:49
2 IFRS Introduction Part 2 22:15
3 Summary of the Session 03:48
Presentation of Financial Statements
4 Presentation of Financial Statements 26:44
5 Summary of the Session 01:03
6 Accounting for Inventories 17:10
7 Summary of the Session 01:18
Revenue Recognition
8 IFRS Revenue Recognition 22:21
9 Summary of the Session 02:41
Property, Plant And Equipment
10 PPE accounting principles in IFRS 18:36
11 Summary 01:02
Investment Property
12 Investment Property Accounting Preview 05:18
13 Summary 01:00
Borrowing Costs
14 Accounting for Borrowing Costs Preview 05:59
15 Session Summary 00:52
Intangible Assets
16 Accounting for Intangible Assets 12:35
17 Session Summary 00:53
Impairment of Assets
18 How to account Impairment of Assets 12:40
19 Summary of the Session 01:59
Accounting Polices, Estimates and Errors
20 Accounting Polices, Estimates and Errors 11:42
21 Summary 00:56
Non-current Assets held for Sale
22 Accounting for NCA held for sale 08:19
23 Session Summary 01:01
Events after the Reporting Period
24 What are the Events after the Reporting Period 09:22
25 Session Summary 01:10
Group Accounts
26 What are Group Accounts 36:02
27 Session Summary 02:56
The Consolidated Statement of Profit or Loss
28 The Consolidated Statement of Profit or Loss and other Comprehensive Income 07:26
29 Summary of the Session 00:54
Accounting for Associates
30 IFRS accounting principles for Associates 05:22
31 Summary of the Session 00:50
Share Based Payments
32 What are Share Based Payments 05:26
33 Key Session takeaways 01:43
Foreign Currency Transactions
34 Handling Foreign Currency Transactions 06:07
35 Key Takeaways 01:20
Related Party
36 Handling Related Party Transactions 03:02
37 Summary 01:00
Employee Benefits
38 Accounting for Employee Benefits 09:01
39 Session Takeaways 02:08
Biological Assets
40 Biological Assets 07:39
41 Session Takeaways 00:48
Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets
42 Accounting for Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets 22:57
43 Summary 00:59
Financial Instruments
44 Accounting for Financial Instruments 17:55
45 Summary 01:19
Construction Contracts
46 Handling Construction Contracts 08:43
47 Key Takeaways 01:04
Government Grants
48 IFRS Accounting Principles governing Government Grants 07:30
49 Key Takeaways 00:46
50 All about Leases 11:15
51 Summary 00:40
Accounting for Taxation
52 Accounting for Taxation in IFRS 13:29
53 Summary 01:51
Earnings Per Share
54 Handling EPS (Earnings Per Share) 13:22
55 Summary 00:39
First Time Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards
56 First Time Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards 14:01
57 Summary 01:30
Participants to this course should have basic knowledge on Accounting principles and know finance jargons.
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