Behaviour Pattern Analysis

Learn the secrets behind the Science of Persuation through Assessments, Interpretation and Reflection, presented by OMI (Oscar Murphy Life Strategists) and Powered by The Assessment World
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Oscar Murphy Life Strategists Pvt. Ltd.
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Course Overview
Learn the secrets behind the Science of Persuation through Assessments, Interpretation and Reflection, presented by OMI (Oscar Murphy Life Strategists) and Powered by The Assessment World.

Do you wish to know how to use your behaviour to build trust, positively influence others, and achieve win / win results in the shortest possible timeframe?

Behaviour Pattern Analysis helps to determine behavioural patterns of individuals by comparing behaviours at variable situations. It can be used to understand behaviour of self and others better. This in turn helps to be more effective in interpersonal relationships and communication skills. It is used successfully in sales training, team building, leadership training, conflict management etc.

BPA - Behavior Pattern Analysis at Work & off Work is based on the research of B F Skinner - assessment is an effective tool that helps identify the Patterns & Styles that one assumes both at the work place and on personal front.

It identifies how different or how similar are personal and work styles of the individual, thereby demonstrating one's ability to flex or to maintain consistency in dealing with people. Diplomatic to Outspoken, Introvert to Extrovert, Low Sense of Urgency to High and Innovative to being Systematic are key attributes to know and learn to be better with self & others.

Be a Persuasive Communicator through BPA- SCHEDULE
Steps Involved Particulars Mode
Step 1 Triggering the BPA Psychometric Assessments online upon receipt of the payment Team (OMi & The Assessment world)
Step 2 VIDEO MODULE - Be a Persuasive Communicator through BPA  Apna Course
Step 3 Practise Exam - BPA Apna Course
Step 4 Live Session with Psychometric Analyst - BPA Score Interpretation Team (OMi & The Assessment World)
Step 5 CASE STUDIES Team (OMi & The Assessment World)
Instruction and Guidelines
Different types of Case Studies
Step 6 Case Study 1 (45 mins)
Step 7 Case Study 2 (45 mins)
Step 8 Final Case Study (30-45 mins)
Step 9 Certification and Licensing - Associate

Course Curriculum
1 Introduction and Background to BPA Preview 25:08
2 Interpretation of BPA - Part 1 16:22
3 Interpretation of BPA - Part 2 12:35
4 Conclusion 04:57
Exam : BPA  

Eligibility Criteria
Individuals who would like to know themselves and others better. Consultants, Psychologists, OD Professionals, Managers, HR Professionals, Trainers, Educators, Counsellors, Coaches, Mentors, Students And Parents The Like. Leaders across level who want to manage effectively with less personal stress. Sales professionals who wish to upgrade their relationships and selling skills. Professionals who need to influence others.

Ratings & Reviews
Mr. Charu Singh
Psychometric Assessments helped me personally by providing valuable insights on the overall personality & attitudes, how the same are experienced by others, what may be the areas including my over-strengths, that could be posing a challenge in effective inter-personal equations with people or in achieving success in the desired spheres.
Course Expert
Oscar Murphy Life Strategists Pvt. Ltd.
Oscar Murphy Life Strategists (OMi) is a globally renowned organisation for enabling individuals and organisations through attitudinal change programs, training interventions, psychometric assessments, organizational surveys, certification programs and various life-transforming workshops. At OMi, we H.E.L.P (Help Empower Life Potential) individuals, institutions and organisations tap into their innate potentials, through C.A.R.E (Changing Attitudes Reaching Effectiveness). H.E.L.P and C.A.R.E reflect the core values and mission of Oscar Murphy. Everything we are, everything we do, and everything we believe in revolves around our H.E.L.P and C.A.R.E values.

Profile of the Consultants:

Mr. Sreenidhi and Ms. Tay Chinyi, Helena are senior leadership consultants, coaches and expert behavioural trainers of international repute.

They have trained and coached executive directors, managers and leaders in areas of Strategic Consulting, Leadership, Team Development, Human Resource Optimisation, Performance Management, Coaching and Mentoring across the globe.

They help individual leaders amplify natural strengths and transform limitations to achieve personal, professional and business success. With over 30 years of experience in the business world as Life Strategists, Change Catalysts, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, they bring in long-term value to organisations.

They are extremely acclaimed world-over for sharing deep insights with their coachees, and intertwine the missing links that often pose as obstacles towards achieving optimal performance at the personal and professional frontiers.

They have extensive background in the Behavioural Sciences of Psychology and Sociology apart from rich and hands-on experience in General Management, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource Training, Coaching and Development functions. As experts in the field of interpersonal dynamics they have contributed immensely to enrich the lives of vast multitudes of corporate teams at all levels. They currently coach many CEOs, MDs and senior professionals, while resonating powerful positive energy.
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