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CA Final: Information Systems Control and Audit (Old Syllabus)

Aligned to the CA Final 2017 Exam Outline for Information Systems Control and Audit (ISCA) specified by ICAI
Aligned to the CA Final 2017 Exam Outline for Information Systems Control and Audit (ISCA) specified by ICAI. This online training course on CA-Final: Information Systems Control and Audit is designed and delivered by a CISA® professional with hands on experience in Information Systems Audit & Assurance
Course Faculty
Mr. CA Narasimhan
a CISA, DISA, Diploma in IFRS from ACCA, UK. more>>
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Course Overview

Aligned to the CA Final 2017 Exam Outline for Information Systems Control and Audit (ISCA) specified by ICAI

This online training course on CA-Final: Information Systems Control and Audit is designed and delivered by a CISA® professional with hands on experience in Information Systems Audit & Assurance. The course covers all the chapters of ISCA, in detail through multiple practical examples and focused on examination

Course Curriculum
1 Introduction - Part 1 Preview 19:12
2 Introduction - Part 2 14:57
3 Concepts Preview 19:51
4 IS and its components 25:00
5 Management Level Systems 27:53
6 Specialized Systems 28:38
7 Summary & Previous Exam Questions 05:58
Information Systems Concepts  
8 Module introduction 27:17
9 System Development Life Cycle 26:50
10 System Analysis 29:23
11 System Design 21:53
12 System Acquisition & System Development 23:02
13 System Testing 21:40
14 System Implementation 10:37
15 Post Implementation Review 17:32
16 System Development Methodology 22:04
17 Summary & Previous Exam Questions 06:16
Acquisition, Development and Implementation of IS  
18 Module introduction 25:22
19 Developing a BCM 24:53
20 BCM Strategy Process 30:59
21 Summary & Previous Exam Questions 03:50
Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning  
22 Module Introduction 18:30
23 IS Controls & Classification 23:19
24 Classification on the basis of nature of IS - Part 1 25:12
25 Classification on the basis of nature of IS - Part 2 30:21
26 Classification on the basis of Audit Function 36:54
27 Application Controls - Part 1 25:33
28 Application Controls - Part 2 24:07
29 IT General Controls & Data Integirty 21:29
30 Financial Controls 15:54
31 Summary & Previous Exam Questions 05:44
Protection of Information Systems  
32 Module Introduction 14:42
33 IS Audit 15:36
34 Performing an IS Audit 15:44
35 Concurrent and Embedded Audit Modules 16:52
36 Audit and Evaluation techniques & Audit Trails 28:08
37 Summary & Previous Exam Questions 05:05
Auditing of Information Systems  
38 Module Introduction 22:51
39 Corporate Governance and IT Governance 32:42
40 Role of IT in Enterprises 14:14
41 Risk Management 25:13
42 COBIT 5 Business Enterprise 29:33
43 IT Compliance Review 13:28
44 Summary & Previous Exam Questions 04:21
Concepts of Governance and Management of Information Systems  
45 Module Introduction 29:39
46 Digital Signature and Electronic Signature 22:05
47 Penalties, Compensation and Adjudication 27:27
48 Requirement of various authorities for Control and Audit 20:10
49 Security Standards 17:46
50 ITIL 16:07
51 Summary & Previous Exam Questions 05:01
Information Technology Regulatory Issues  
52 Module Introduction 24:06
53 Cloud Computing Environment 15:42
54 Cloud Computing Service Models 26:02
55 Other Cloud Service Models & Risks 16:53
56 Mobile Computing 22:07
57 Social Media, Web 2.0 and 3.0 19:30
58 Summary & Previous Exam Questions 03:47
Emerging Technologies  
59 Course Conclusion - Part 1 12:18
60 Course Conclusion - Part 2 18:33

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for CA Final

For eligibility criteria, please visit the Institute website at http://www.icai.org/

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Course Expert
Mr. CA Narasimhan
CA Narasimhan Elangovan is a practicing Chartered Accountant from the IT Capital of India, Bangalore. He specializes in niche areas of practice like Information Technology Consulting, Information Systems Assurance and Audit, Data Analytics, Implementation and Testing of Internal Financial Controls for clients ranging from start-ups to large corporates in the fields of insurance, banking, software companies, online retailers, and other conglomerate corporates.

By qualification he is also a two time All India rank holder in Company Secretary Exams, holds a Diploma in Information System Auditor (DISA), a Diploma in IFRS from ACCA, UK. He is also Certified Information System Auditor (CISA), an international qualification for systems audit and cleared the exam amongst the top 20% of the world in ranking.

Being the youngest faculty for DISA in India, he has also authored and presented papers and addressed seminars on Information Systems Audit, Digital India, Data Analytics, Cyber Security and many more at various levels across the country.

He is also a visiting faculty at Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and teaches Information Technology (IT) for IPCC and Information Systems Control Audit (ISCA) for CA Final.
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