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CCBA® Exam Preparation

Accredited By and aligned to BABOK® v3
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CCBA training course covers the basic skillsets essential for business analyst professionals based on the industry standards and yardsticks of the IIBA. CCBA certified professional will become expert in distinguishing the needs of a business so that the most appropriate solutions can be acknowledged and implemented to produce consistent results.
Course Faculty
Mr. Panduranga Vittal G
A PMP, CBAP, PMI-PBA and ISTQB CTFL Certified professional with vast experience. more>>
Course Offerings
90 Lecture Topics
Video Lectures
11+ Practise Tests With Solutions
Interactive Discussion Forum
WhatsApp group for Brainstorming
8+ Course Files
Interactive session with faculty, Personalized Study Plan with exam type questions
Proof of 21 CDU's / 21 PD's
Mock Exams
( Can be downloaded as pdf )
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Online Training

  • 180 Days access to HD Video Lecture delivered by industry experts
  • Interactive Discussion Forum for solving queries.
  • WhatsApp group for Brainstorming
  • Frequent Instructor Led Doubt Clarification Session
  • Lifetime access to Study Materials(Mock Exams, Courseware)
  • Proof of 21 CDU's / 21 PD's
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  • Access to Online Training
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Course Overview

Accredited By IIBA logo and aligned to BABOK® v3

This Online Training Course on Certification of Competency in Business AnalysisTM or CCBA® Certification is delivered by a Certified CBAP® Professional. ApnaCourse.com is an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider for CCBA® program

Overview of CCBA® Certification

Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA®) training course covers the basic skillsets essential for business analyst professionals based on the industry standards and yardsticks of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®).

CCBA® certified professional will become expert in distinguishing the needs of a business so that the most appropriate solutions can be acknowledged and implemented to produce consistent results with increased competence and steadiness.

CCBA® certification from ApnaCourse.com is intended for business analysts and practitioners who wish to be recognized as connoisseurs skilled at steering Business Analyst activities. Business analysts follow a specialized approach towards understanding the procedures, policies and structure of an organization by employing conventional set of methods in order to recommend the best possible solutions that drive the organization to achieve its goals.

Guiding business analysis activities include grasping the business processes to govern how they function to attain their purpose, and realizing which capabilities the organization requires to successfully provide its services to the peripheral participant. This incorporates the elucidation of organizational goals, how the goals are associated to objective, finding out the best way forward to act in order to fulfil these objectives, and also defining the interactions between different business units with its internal as well as external participants.

The CCBA® certification is aimed at BA professionals with at least 3750 hours of experience in business analysis along with essential logical skills. The CCBA® training is ideal for Business Analysts, System Analysts, or Consultants working with business requirements analysis or management or process improvement

Build your career potential with CCBA® course brought to you by ApnaCourse.com that will provide you industry’s wide recognition as a highly professional and seasoned Business Analysis Professional.

About CCBA® Certification Training

CCBA® training program by ApnaCourse is intended to ensure that you pass the CCBA® exam on your first attempt. CCBA® is an internationally recognized credential offered by IIBA to professionals who pass the CCBA® exam. Based on the BABOK® Guide Version 3, the CCBA® certification course is a formal recognition of a business analysis practitioner’s knowledge. A certification in CCBA will evaluate to your expertise and knowledge in the practices and ethics of business analysis.

By the end of this CCBA® training, you will:
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills required to pass the CCBA® certification exam
  • Understand Business Analysis Key and core Concepts Model (BACCM)
  • Acquire cutting-edge knowledge of classifying, defining, assessing and finishing various elements of business analysis tasks.
  • Be able to achieve 30 business analysis tasks in 6 knowledge areas.
  • Understand 50 business analysis tools and techniques.
Benefits of IIBA Certification (CCBA®)

Upon Completion of this Course, you will achieve following: -
  • Defining training and professional development standards
  • Demonstrates to customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors that you use industry-standard business analysis practices
  • Demonstrates to your investors that your business is run effectively
  • Defining and maintaining the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge Guide

Course Curriculum
1 Overview of CCBA® Certification Preview 15:50
2 Key Concepts in BA 22:45
BA Beyond Projects - Session 1  
Practise Test - BA Concepts  
3 Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring and Plan BA Approach 26:31
4 Plan stakeholder engagement 15:51
5 Plan BA Governance 16:43
6 Plan BA Information Management 15:41
7 Identify BA Performance Improvments 15:56
BA Beyond Projects - Session 2  
BA Beyond Projects - Session 3  
Practise Test - BA Planning & Monitoring  
8 Elicitation and Collaboration 04:20
9 Prepare for Elicitation 15:57
10 Conduct Elicitation 15:42
11 Confirm Elicitation 08:47
12 Communicate BA Information 14:41
13 Manage Stakeholder Collaboration 16:05
BA Beyond Projects - Session 4  
Practise Test - BA Elicitation & Collaboration  
14 Requirement Life Cycle Management 04:05
15 Trace Requirement 13:08
16 Maintain Requirement 10:35
17 Prioritize Requirements 18:06
18 Asess Requirement Changes 15:10
19 Approve requirements 13:26
BA Beyond Projects - Session 5  
Practise Test - BA RCM  
20 Strategy Analysis 03:11
21 Analyze current state 18:09
22 Define future state 16:21
23 Assess Risks 14:59
24 Define Change Strategy 14:12
BA Beyond Projects - Session 6  
Practise Test - BA Strategy Analysis  
25 Requirement Analysis and Design definition 04:12
26 Specify and Model Requirements 14:08
27 Verify Requirements 08:32
28 Validate requirements 07:33
29 Define Requirements Architecture 11:00
30 Define Design options 10:31
31 Analyze potential value and recommend solution 16:19
BA Beyond Projects - Session 7  
Practise Test - BA RADD  
32 Solution Evaluation 03:37
33 Measure Solution performance 10:51
34 Analyze performance Measure 09:55
35 Assess solution limitations 11:13
36 Assess Enterprise limitations 14:57
37 Recommend actions to increase solution value 08:32
BA Beyond Projects - Session 8  
Practise Test - BA Solution Evaluation  
38 Underlying Competencies - Part 1 18:54
39 Underlying Competencies - Part 2 22:31
40 Techniques 04:25
41 Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria 05:04
42 Backlog Management 07:56
43 Balanced Scorecard 05:28
44 Benchmarking and Market Analysis 06:48
45 Brainstroming 02:42
46 Business Capabality Analysis 06:42
47 Business case 04:30
48 Business model canvas 03:25
49 Business Rules Analysis 04:38
50 Collaborative Games 04:47
51 Concept modelling 03:58
52 Data Dictionery 05:14
53 Data modelling 03:34
54 Dataflow diagrams 05:58
55 Datamining 04:47
56 Decision analysis 06:04
57 Decision modelling 05:20
58 Document Analysis 05:38
59 Estimattion 10:20
60 Financial Analysis 08:21
61 Focus groups 05:09
62 Functional Decomposition 07:10
63 Glossary 03:00
64 Interface Analysis 05:24
65 Interviews 06:20
66 Item Tracking 06:44
67 Lessons Learned 05:12
68 Metrics and KPI 07:44
69 Mind mapping 03:03
70 Non Functional Requirement Analysis 09:09
71 Observation 06:38
72 organisation modelling 04:23
73 Prioritization 03:25
74 Process Analysis 05:01
75 Process modelling 06:40
76 Prototyping 08:40
77 Reviews 05:28
78 Risk Analysis and Management 11:39
79 Roles amd Permissions matrix 07:21
80 Root cause analysis 06:09
81 Scope modelling 04:09
82 Sequence diagrams 03:46
83 Stakeholder list, map and personas 06:40
84 State modelling 05:38
85 Survey or questionnaire 06:26
86 SWOT 06:30
87 Use cases and scenarios 05:35
88 User stories 06:29
89 Vendor Assessment 05:05
90 Workshop 05:23
Practise Test - Techniques  
Case Study 1  
Case Study 2  
Case Study 3  
CCBA Mock Exam - 1  
CCBA Mock Exam - 2  

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for CCBA

To become a certified CCBA® professional, you will have to undergo formal CCBA® training from an endorsed education provider like ApnaCourse and successfully pass the CCBA® Exam.

Prerequisites for the CCBA certification:
  • A minimum of 3750 hours of business analysis work experience aligned with the BABOK Guide in the last seven years of which a minimum of 900 hours in two of the six knowledge areas or 500 hours in four of the six knowledge areas
  • A minimum of 21 hours of professional development in the past four years
  • Two references from a career manager, client, or CBAP recipient

Ratings & Reviews
Ridhima Guru
Business Analyst, Morgan Stanley

Mr. Stephen Moss
Hearst Corporation
Well developed and is a great tool to supplement with the BABOK.

Charles Mark Altman
Very good course with many evaluation quizzes and mock exams. A very good value - far less expensive than other courses.

Yong Feng Lau
Good course for BA

Renuka koduri
In detail info is provided in this course

Ms. Jayabhairavi Thangavel
Detailed one. Must for anyone who aspire to become a BA as this elaborates the responsibilities, various processes and everything that a BA or anyone who plays role of a BA needs to be aware.

Lekha Chellani
Good pointers in a consolidated and precise format.

Adit Ravindra Purohit
good !!

Dmytro Panchenko
I got what I needed, thanks a lot!
Course Expert
Mr. Panduranga Vittal G
A PMP, CBAP ,PMI-PBA and ISTQB - CTFL Certified Professional with over 17 years of experience in the BFSI Sector and having worked in leading organizations. Has end to end experience in Financial Transactions Processing, Software Testing, Business Analysis, Requirements Management, Application Integration, Operations, Project Management, Data Migration and IT Change Management.
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