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Online Training Course on Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA<sup>®</sup>)
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Mr.Nanda Shenoy - 20+ yrs Experience in BFSI, ex President ISACA, CEO club BNP more>>

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Aligned to ISACA® outline for the CISA® (latest 26th Edition) Exams.

This Online Training Course on Certified Information Systems Auditor or CISA® Certification is designed as per the curriculum prescribed by ISACA® for CISA® and is delivered by a certified and practising systems auditor, having rich experience in banking and IT life cycle management

Overview of CISA® Certification

CISA® stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor. It is a globally recognised certification for Information Technology Audit professionals. The certification is issued by ISACA® – a globally recognized independent association.

CISA® certification is known and accepted worldwide for their standard of proficiency in IS audit. CISA® certified individuals have established their capabilities in managing susceptibilities and instilling controls within the organization. They also undertake to conform to the severe auditing standards set by ISACA®. They are highly pursued after in hiring circles.

CISA® training course equips professionals with the hypothetical and real-world skills required to obtain higher scores in the certification exam. CISA® certified employees provide their organisations with bigger trust in their information systems, and are dedicated to the highest grade of professional standards.

CISA® certification is for IS audit, control, assurance and security professionals who wish to place themselves much above their peers. The CISA® certification has been a prominent as well as the globally recognized achievement for those who regulate, monitor and evaluate an organization’s information technology and business systems.

CISA® Training from ApnaCourse aims to make working professionals skilled at evaluating, securing and controlling multifaceted business and IT systems in any organization. This CISA® course will also highlight governmental regulations and helps formulate policies with stern measures and disclosures.

CISA® Certification acts as a career differentiator for security professionals or IT managers who wish to boost their marketability and trustworthiness. This is an idyllic track for those looking at a long-term career in Information Systems Auditing. This CISA® course is highly recommended for IS / IT auditors, IT managers, Audit Managers, Security Managers, System Analysts, Consultants, and to some extent CIOs and CTOs.

Benefits of CISA® Certification

  • Gives you an advantage of your knowledge and experience
  • Enumerates and enhances your expertise
  • Validates that you have amplified and upheld the level of knowledge required to meet the trials and tests laid down by any modern organization.
  • CISA® is globally recognized as a mark of excellence for IS audit professional
  • CISA® certification combines the achievement of completing a comprehensive exam with work recognition in addition to educational experience and credibility in the market.
  • Intensifies your value in any organization that you may serve.
  • Gives you a competitive edge over others when seeking career advancement.
  • CISA® certified individuals are excellent indicators of proficiency in technology controls
  • Proves established competence in five domains of any organization which include standards and practices; organization and management; processes; integrity, confidentiality and availability; and software development, acquisition and maintenance
With a growing demand for individuals possessing IS audit, control and security skills, CISA® has become a preferred certification program by individuals and organizations around the world.
Did You Know?
Introduction to the Course
1 Introduction - part 1 23:48
  CISA Exam Structure  
2 Introduction - part 2 22:26
Domain 1
3 Introduction to Domain 1 Preview 12:51
4 Management of the IS Audit Function - Part 1 13:32
5 Management of the IS Audit Function - Part 2 16:00
6 ISACA IS Audit and Assurance Standards and Guidelines 16:23
7 IS Control Part 1 Preview 11:34
8 IS Control Part 2 12:57
9 IS Control Part 3 21:51
10 Performing an IS Audit 22:24
11 Performing an IS Audit - Risk Based Audit 19:54
12 Performing an IS Audit - Evidence 14:46
13 Performing an IS Audit - Sampling 14:18
14 Performing an IS Audit - Using the Services 28:56
15 Control Self Assessment 05:15
16 Evolving IS Audit Process 04:56
17 Summary Domain 1 05:18
Domain 2
18 Introduction to Domain 2 06:00
19 Corporate Governance 04:05
20 Governance of enterprise IT Part 1 15:11
21 Governance of enterprise IT Part 2 09:57
22 Governance of Enterprise IT Part 3 06:43
23 Governance of Enterprise IT Part 4 03:22
24 Information Systems Strategy 06:45
25 Maturity and Process Improvement Models 09:46
26 IT Investment and allocation practices 03:17
27 Policies and Procedures 15:06
28 Risk Management 25:37
29 Information Systems Management Practices Part 1 25:18
30 Information Systems Management Practices Part 2 24:51
31 Information Systems Management Practices Part 3 08:12
32 IS Organisational structure and responsibilities 16:12
33 Auditing IT Governance Structure and Implementation 06:43
34 Business Continuity Planning 24:11
35 Auditing Business Continuity 05:53
36 Summary Domain 2 11:21
Domain 3 Part-1
37 Introduction to Domain 3 06:00
38 Benefit Realization part 1 12:59
39 Benefit Realization part 2 15:16
40 Project Management Structure 16:39
41 Project Management Practices 22:31
42 Buiness Application Development - Part 1 16:03
43 Buiness Application Development - Part 2 22:12
44 Buiness Application Development - Part 3 21:24
45 Buiness Application Development - Part 4 15:24
46 Buiness Application Development - Part 5 09:44
47 Virtualisation 12:25
48 Summary Domain 3 Part 1 05:26
Domain 3 Part-2
49 Business Application Systems Part 1 19:37
50 Business Application Systems Part 2 20:04
51 Business Application Systems Part 3 26:20
52 Business Application Systems Part 4 20:13
53 Business Application Systems Part 5 20:22
54 Development Methods 15:04
55 Summary Domain 3 Part 2 06:09
Domain 3 Part-3
56 Infrastructure Development or Acquisition Practices 17:34
57 Information System Maintenance Practices 15:43
58 System Development Tools and Productivity Aids 05:11
59 Process Improvement Practices Part 1 08:45
60 Process Improvement Practices Part 2 02:09
61 Application Controls Part 1 23:06
62 Application Controls Part 2 16:09
63 Application Controls Part 3 16:33
64 Application Controls Part 4 08:26
65 Auditing Application Controls 22:15
66 Auditing Systems Development, Acquisition and Maintenance 12:48
67 Summary Domain 3 Part 3 05:05
Domain 4 Part-1
68 Introduction to Domain 4 03:47
69 Information System Operations Part 1 18:49
70 Information System Operations Part 2 18:58
71 Information System Operations Part 3 20:40
72 Information System Operations Part 4 13:26
73 Information System Hardware Part 1 23:55
74 Information System Hardware Part 2 26:12
75 IS Architecture and Software Part 1 15:05
76 IS Architecture and Software Part 2 15:25
77 IS Architecture and Software Part 3 13:20
78 Summary Domain 4 Part 1 04:54
Domain 4 Part-2
79 IS Network Infrastructure Part 1 24:43
80 IS Network Infrastructure Part 2 22:41
81 IS Network Infrastructure Part 3 14:13
82 Auditing Infrastructure and Operations Part 1 23:35
83 Auditing Infrastructure and Operations Part 2 08:55
84 Auditing Infrastructure and Operations Part 3 20:48
85 Auditing Infrastructure and Operations Part 4 09:43
86 Summary Domain 4 Part 2 02:33
Domain 4 Part-3
87 Disaster Recovery Planning Part 1 20:05
88 Disaster Recovery Planning Part 2 20:14
89 Disaster Recovery Planning Part 3 23:03
90 Disaster Recovery Planning Part 4 21:49
91 Disaster Recovery Planning Part 5 09:01
92 Summary Domain 4 Part 3 05:04
Domain 5 Part-1
93 Introduction to Domain 5 04:30
94 Importance of ISMS Part-1 12:10
95 Importance of ISMS Part-2 27:06
96 Importance of ISMS Part-3 15:58
97 Importance of ISMS Part-4 09:39
98 Importance of ISMS Part-5 24:09
99 Logical Access Control Part 1 16:02
100 Logical Access Control Part 2 20:38
101 Logical Access Control Part 3 22:25
102 Logical Access Control Part 4 13:21
103 Logical Access Control Part 5 08:41
104 Summary of Domain 5 Part 1 07:03
Domain 5 Part-2
105 Network infrastructure Security Part 1 21:09
106 Network infrastructure Security Part 2 22:32
107 Network infrastructure Security Part 3 18:06
108 Network infrastructure Security Part 4 23:30
109 Network infrastructure Security Part 5 15:29
110 Network infrastructure Security Part 6 21:07
111 Network infrastructure Security Part 7 15:32
112 Network infrastructure Security Part 8 18:07
113 Summary of Domain 5 Part 2 05:12
Domain 5 Part-3
114 Network infrastructure Security-2 Part 1 26:34
115 Network infrastructure Security-2 Part 2 21:09
116 Auditing Information Security Part 1 14:42
117 Auditing Information Security Part 2 05:36
118 Auditing Network Infrastructure Security 21:06
119 Environmental Exposures and Controls 05:38
120 Physical Access Exposure and Controls 06:25
121 Summary of Domain 5 Part 3 04:33
Domain 5 Part-4
122 Peer-to-Peer Computing 11:07
123 Instant Messaging 04:47
124 Social Media Part 1 13:34
125 Social Media Part 2 06:31
126 Cloud Computing Part 1 22:03
127 Cloud Computing Part 2 20:29
128 Data Leakage 09:05
129 Summary of Domain 5 Part 4 03:40
  Practice Test 1  
  Practice Test 2  
  Practice Test 3  

Eligibility criteria for CISA®

Although there is no pre-requisite to attend the training; to acquire the CISA® Certification, the minimum requirement is 5 years of professional information systems auditing, control or security work experience. If there are certain education and general IS or audit experience to one’s credit, then, there can be waiver’s which are listed below:

  • A maximum of 1 year of information systems experience OR 1 year of non-IS auditing experience can be substituted for 1 year of experience.
  • 60 to 120 completed university semester credit hours (the equivalent of a 2-year or 4-year degree) not limited by the 10-year preceding restriction, can be substituted for 1 or 2 years, respectively.
  • A bachelor's or master's degree from a university that enforces the ISACA-sponsored curriculum can be substituted for 1 year of experience. This option cannot be used if 3 years of experience and educational waiver have already been claimed.
  • A master's degree in information security or information technology from an accredited university can be substituted for 1 year of experience.
  • 2 years as a full-time university instructor in a related field (e.g., computer science, accounting, in-formation systems auditing) can be substituted for 1 year of experience.
  • 3 years of IS audit, control, assurance or security experience can be substituted for 1 year of experience
Many individuals choose to take the CISA exam prior to meeting the experience requisites. Although this practice is acceptable and encouraged; CISA certification / designation will not be granted until all requirements are met.

The work experience for CISA certification must be gained within the 10-year period preceding the application date for certification or within 5 years from the date of originally passing the exam.

Candidates will get only 5 years from the passing date to apply for certification.
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Mr. vikash testHamid Soud
ICT Director, Mactech ICT Solutions
A great place elearning

vikash testVijayalakshmi Venkatakrishna
Senior Manager Finance, CIL
Very nice learning tool to prepare further CISA exam. If not this course I would have been lost in the CISA review manual

Process Specialist, XL CATLIN
A swan can able to separate water from the milk , in the same way this course content helped me to separate non relevant portion from ISACA Review Material from the exam Point of View. Thank you so much to the entire Team of Apana Course. I passed the CISA exam in Sep 2016.

Mr. vikash testJoji James
Partner, leap Business Partners
4/5 on communication clarity of the faculty (very good). Plz include mock tests for each module.

Ms. vikash testPrasanna Pandit

vikash testverankki
Course covered CISA review manual, explained nicely and easy to understand.

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It is as much as good with the flexibility, without compromising quality of the training/course...

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One of the best online courses I've done. Very knowledgeable faculty.

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Good Course

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well done ..Nand Mohan sir, it is important for students like us who are not in India and can study for CISA from abroad..Thanks

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