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This online course provides a comprehensive coverage of Cyber Laws in India and covers Information Technology Act 2000 with amendments upto date in detail and its impact on the industry in the form of Data Protection regulations, Cyber Crimes and Digital Contracts.
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Cyber Law College (M/s Ujvala Consultants Private Limited)
Naavi, the Cyber Law Expert conducting training on Cyber Law since 2000 more>>
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Final Exam - Cyber Law
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Course Overview
"Certified Cyber Law Professional" is an Online Cyber Law Training and Certification Course by Naavi's Cyber Law College, a pioneer in Cyber Law Education in India.

Naavi (Mr. Na Vijayashankar), the faculty for this course is credited with pioneering several Cyber Law related IT Enabled services and new academic thoughts such as the Theory of Information Security Motivation, the Total Information Assurance Concept and an Indian Information Security Framework (IISF 309) specially focusing on ITA 2008 compliance.

This online course provides a comprehensive coverage of Cyber Laws in India and covers Information Technology Act 2000 with amendments upto date in detail and its impact on the industry in the form of Data Protection regulations, Cyber Crimes and Digital Contracts. Courseware provided includes complimentary copies of the material supplied to the students of the "Diploma in Cyber Law" course conducted by Cyber Law College.

Course Curriculum
1 About the Faculty 09:39
2 About the Course 08:59
3 Summary 01:11
4 Introduction Part 1 15:25
5 Introduction Part 2 21:51
6 The Structure of the Act 10:50
7 Summary 02:40
8 Introduction Preview 06:19
9 Basics of Contract Law Part 1 18:09
10 Basics of Contract Law Part 2 16:26
11 Summary 01:37
12 Legal Recognition of Electronic Documents 23:05
13 Summary 02:08
14 Digital Signatures Part 1 15:53
15 Digital Signatures Part 2 16:58
16 Digital Signatures Part 3 10:57
17 Digital Signatures in Action Preview 08:14
18 Summary 02:16
19 How to Obtain a Digital Signature Capability Part 1 14:44
20 How to Obtain a Digital Signature Capability Part 2 14:48
21 What is Secured Digital Signatures? 16:03
22 Summary 01:34
23 Time and Place of Contracts and Acknowledgement 17:38
24 Summary 01:34
25 Web Based Contracts 11:41
26 Some Cases on Standard Form Contracts 11:24
27 Need to Preserve Evidence 03:52
28 Summary 02:43
29 Software Contracts 22:14
30 Summary 01:35
31 Offences related to Digital Signatures 19:03
32 Summary 01:31
33 Dispute Resolution in Contracts Part 1 14:25
34 Dispute Resolution in Contracts Part 2 12:28
35 Summary 02:04
36 Basics of IPR 17:46
37 How do we Handle such Anomalies? 06:32
38 Summary 01:55
39 Law of Domain Names 15:35
40 Nature of Domain Name Identity 07:51
41 Domain Name…What are the Legal Issues? 10:00
42 Domain Name Registration Part 1 09:19
43 Domain Name Registration Part 2 15:04
44 Summary 01:56
45 Law of Copyrights in Cyber Space Part 1 15:35
46 Law of Copyrights in Cyber Space Part 2 17:40
47 IPR on Software 02:30
48 Summary 01:06
49 IPR on Software 03:00
50 Patent Rights on Software 14:11
51 Semi Conductor Design Right 02:47
52 Trade Secrets in IT 02:25
53 Summary 01:30
54 Overview of Cyber Crimes 18:03
55 Summary 01:34
56 Contraventions and Civil Liabilities Part 1 16:19
57 Contraventions and Civil Liabilities Part 2 19:32
58 Summary 00:53
59 System of Adjudication and Cyber Appellate Tribunal Part 1 15:10
60 System of Adjudication and Cyber Appellate Tribunal Part 2 14:29
61 Cyber Appellate Tribunal 03:02
62 Summary 01:51
63 Data Protection Part 1 14:06
64 Data Protection Part 2 12:38
65 Summary 01:42
66 Obscenity Related Cyber Crimes Part 1 20:41
67 Obscenity Related Cyber Crimes Part 2 12:14
68 Summary 02:39
69 Cyber Terrorism 18:41
70 Summary 01:54
71 Vicarious Liabilities 17:28
72 Sec 43A Guidelines 09:40
73 Rules under Sec 79 14:56
74 Summary 02:50
75 Law Enforcement Issues 02:35
76 Powers of Police 16:02
77 Digital Evidence Issues 01:09
78 Summary 00:40
79 Evidentiary Issues Part 1 22:41
80 Evidentiary Issues Part 2 18:44
81 Presenting Evidence on a Hard disk or Media 16:54
82 Forensic Set up 03:26
83 Summary 03:14
84 Jurisdictional Issues 20:18
85 Internet Issues 15:00
86 Impact of the Confusion and Need for Treaties 02:20
87 Summary 02:35
88 Miscellaneous Provisions 02:51
89 Section 66A-ITA 2008 05:07
90 What Article 19 and Sec 66A say 19:05
91 Other Sections 08:22
92 Summary 01:42
93 Caselets 19:13
94 Some More Incidents Part 1 20:09
95 Some More Incidents Part 2 20:24
96 Summary 03:26
97 Legal Issues in E Governance 05:01
98 Legal Recognition Part 1 13:43
99 Legal Recognition Part 2 24:07
100 Authentication Part 1 10:18
101 Authentication Part 2 20:35
102 E-Audit Tool 12:11
103 Summary 01:43
104 Compliance Risks 09:28
105 IS Objective Part 1 19:48
106 IS Objective Part 2 11:02
107 IS Objective Part 3 17:37
108 Strategy for Implementing Total Information Assurance 06:27
109 Summary 01:34
110 Data Loss through Employees 22:51
111 The Critical Aspect of Security.. is Motivation of people 01:41
112 Strategies for Mitigation of Human Risks 09:03
113 Requires HR to work closely with security 01:32
114 Summary 01:49
115 Road Ahead 04:30
116 Summary 01:07
117 Esign Part1 21:41
118 Esign Part2 12:21
119 Section 66A and Shreya Singhal case 09:09
120 Section 65B IEA and Basheer Case 17:44
121 Section 67C and Digital Locker 21:16
122 Cyber Appellate Tribunal 25:45
123 The Fourth Dimension 22:23
Final Exam - Cyber Law  

Eligibility Criteria
Anyone interested to get certified in Cyber Law and to understand the domain can attend this course

Ratings & Reviews
Prasad Shivaji Shevate
CISO, Cybersecurity IT


CISO, National CyberSecurity
Great Information

Subbarayudu, EntPerMaSys Consulting
Very thorough, and very very well explained by Mr Naavi… would definitely recommend …..

Head Legal, Sakthi Finance Ltd
Good one....

Antony Selvin
Senior Manager - Information security Governance, International Bank ( outside India)
The course is very good and informative I rate the course 5 stars for the following reasons The lectures are very simple, precise and very easy to understand. Even though the sections are disarrayed in the IT Act , the faculty presented them seamlessly connected thereby making the student understand each purpose and all their connected sections. The experience of the faculty adds tremendous value to the lecture as he is able to explain several practical aspects of the act

Ms. Gayatri Ganoo
Bsc , LLB, nonpractising
very good

Rahul Bharadwaj
Technical Lead for Software Testing(Manual & Automation)
The course is clear, concise to the point. Naavi has in-depth understanding of cyber laws from inception to current scenarios.

Overall an amazing experience and NAAVI sir is truly inspirational.

good content

good and informative lectures delivered by naavi

Loknath Putrevu
Good Coverage of topics and clear explanation.



Mr. Rizwan Moosa
curriculum covered very well with indepth info & real world examples

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Course Expert
Cyber Law College (M/s Ujvala Consultants Private Limited)
Cyber Law College has been conducting training on Cyber Law since 2000.

Na Vijayashankar, also called as Naavi, the Cyber law expert at the college, is a visiting faculty at several premier Law schools/Universities. He has over 39 years of domain expertise in Banking, Advertising, Marketing, Cyber Law and Information Security. He wishes to leverage this expertise into development of Techno Legal Cyber Security Management system including Education, Solution Development and Advisory services and develop Total Information Assurance concept with modular implementation capabilities as a new contribution to the Information Security domain.

His Specialties: Pioneer in Techno Legal Security Management and provider of several techno solutions for legal compliance. Specializes in ITA 2008, HIPAA and E Banking Security compliance according to Gopalakrishna working group recommendations. Has Pioneered the Theory of Information Security Motivation and Compliance services including Cyber Evidence Archival Center, etc. Has Pioneered the concept of "Techno Legal Feasibility" for projects as an extension of Information Risk Assessment Audit to a pre project time. Works with associate consultants to ensure regulatory compliance for Banks in CBS environment.
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