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Online Training Course on E-commerce website using PHP and MySQL (E-commerce website using PHP and MySQL)

E-commerce website using PHP and MySQL

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Course Faculty
Mr. Shuja Ahmed Khan
Academic Consultant and a Web Developer more>>

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This Online Training Course on web development is focussed on building an eCommerce website using PHP and MySQL, delivered by a programmer and Online trainer for IT courses.

This course begins with an introduction to eCommerce and basics of PHP coding, the syntax and database connections. The course then explains the dynamic website development using step by step coding.
Building an ecommerce website
1 Introduction to E-commerce part 1 32:44
2 Introduction to E-commerce part 2 36:11
3 Creating Database tables part 1 31:38
4 Creating Database tables part 2 Preview 17:07
5 Creating Database tables part 3 21:25
6 Creating Database tables part 4 29:06
7 Creating Database tables part 5 24:06
8 Creating homepage index file part 1-1 23:36
9 Creating home page index file part 1-2 22:19
10 Creaing home page index file part 1-3 21:40
11 Creating homepage index file part 2 30:35
12 Admin Area for our Store Manager Part 1-1 24:36
13 Admin Area for our Store Manager Part 1-2 27:10
14 Admin Area for our Store Manager Part 1-3 22:09
15 Admin Area for our Store Manager Part 2-1 23:54
16 Admin Area for our Store Manager Part 2-2 33:03
17 Cart part 1-1 27:23
18 Cart Part 1-2 30:32
19 Cart Part 2 -1 31:59
20 Cart Part 2 -2 30:17
21 Cart part 2-3 31:59
22 Cart part 3 31:04
23 Product Page Part 1 32:54
24 Product Page Part 2 28:34
25 Inventory Dynamic Homepage Part 1-1 28:56
26 Inventory Dynamic Homepage Part 1-2 26:56
27 Inventory Dynamic Homepage Part 2-1 31:43
28 Inventory Dynamic Homepage Part 2-2 24:05
29 Inventory Dynamic Homepage Part 2-3 31:43
30 Inventory management part 1 29:44
31 Inventory management part 2 26:54
32 Inventory management part 3 26:27
33 Inventory management part 4 26:10
34 Inventory manageemnt part 5-1 22:46
35 Inventory management part 5-2 21:13
36 Multidimensional Array Part 1 32:30
37 Multidimensional Array Part 2 28:25
38 IPN Part 1 29:24
39 IPN Part 2 30:32
40 IPN Part 3 34:18
  Final Exam - PHP MySQL  
This course is best suited to engineering students interested in web development and ecommerce website creation. The course is also ideal to tech professionals who want to understand PHP and MySQL coding and how to build an ecommerce website from scratch.
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