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Fundamentals of English Grammar (for Hindi Students)

An English Grammar Course for Beginners. In this course we will cover the basic concept of English Grammar Like part of Speech, Sentence structure and Tense. This course is for students, beginners and also for those who are preparing for competitive exams. 
In this course we will learn about some most important part of speech which are necessary for basic structure of making sentences. Complete information,detail and function of a Noun,Pronoun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, Sentence structure ,Tense and Model verb.After this course you will able to use part of speech properly and learn Sentence structure with proper Tense.
Course Faculty
Faisal Hasan khan
Versatile and innovative TEFL Certified English Instructor with 10 years... more>>
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Course Overview

In this course we will cover 

1. Noun ,its types and function in a sentence 

2. Pronoun, its function in a sentence and kinds of Pronoun 

3. Verb, its types and function in a sentence 

4. Adjective, its kinds and how to identify it in a sentence. 

5. Adverb, its types and how and were it is used in a sentence. 

5. Preposition, its kinds and function in a sentence 

6. Sentence Structure 

7. Tense

8. Present Tense 

9. Past Tense 

10. Future Tense 

11. Modal Verbs 1

12. Modal verbs  2

Course Curriculum
1 About the Course Preview 04:11
2 Ncoun and its types 10:16
3 Sommon Noun and Proper Noun 09:19
4 Concrete Noun .abstract and Collective Nouns 09:30
5 Compound, countable and Uncountable nouns c 07:10
6 Singular and Plural Noun 10:02

Eligibility Criteria

Basic English knowledge 

Ratings & Reviews
Farmanullah Chhajro
Graphic Designer, Fiverr

Rishikesh Tewari
Impressive course

Nilesh Vishram vavle
Vvmh, Haky

Aman Bhargava

Amish A Chandratre

Mr. Arpita Sur Sur


Mr. vivek Singh
this course is very helpful for who want to learn noun

Arsh Ansari

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Course Expert
Faisal Hasan khan
Versatile and innovative TEFL Certified English Instructor with 10 years in teaching. Dedicated to lifelong learning and continuing education. Exceptional background in designing meaningful and effective coursework that engages students and expedite learning.
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