Financial Planning and Analysis

This is a comprehensive online course on Financial planning and analysis delivered by a leading finance expert and a Chartered Accountant. The course covers the concepts of cash flows, fund flow statements and the numerous financial ratios explained through cases and examples
Course Faculty
Mr. N Raja CA
Practising CA, PGDBA-Finance with Experience in Credit, Project Finance & Risk more>>
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57 Lecture Topics
4+ Hours of Video Lectures
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Course Overview
This is a comprehensive online course on Financial planning and analysis delivered by a leading finance expert and a Chartered Accountant. The course covers the concepts of cash flows, fund flow statements and the numerous financial ratios explained through cases and examples.

Course Curriculum
1 Financial Ratios 09:10
2 Current Ratio 10:08
3 Quick Ratio Preview 04:02
4 Absolute Liquid Ratio 02:50
5 Basic Defence Interval Ratio 01:48
6 Equity Ratio 02:37
7 Debt Ratio 02:01
8 Debt to Equity Ratio 02:54
9 Coverage Ratios (DSCR) 04:31
10 Interest Coverage Ratio 03:05
11 Preference Dividend Coverage Ratio 00:58
12 Capital Gearing Ratio 03:41
13 Activity Ratios 00:44
14 Capital Turnover Ratio 02:45
15 Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio 02:00
16 Total Assets Turnover Ratio 03:03
17 Working Capital Turnover Ratio 00:42
18 Inventory Turnover Ratio 05:00
19 Inventory Holding Level 02:21
20 Debtors Turnover Ratio 05:34
21 Average Collection Period 03:12
22 Creditors Turnover Ratio 05:12
23 Average Payment Period 02:30
24 General Profitability Ratios 02:41
25 Gross Profit Ratio 01:41
26 Operating Ratio 04:16
27 Operating Profit Ratio 01:11
28 Expenses Ratio 02:28
29 Net Profit Ratio 00:54
30 Overall Profitability Ratios 01:05
31 Return on Assets 07:39
32 Return on Capital Employed 02:24
33 Return on Share holders funds 01:14
34 Return on Equity Share holders funds 01:49
35 Earnings Per Share 00:42
36 Cash Flow Earnings Per Share 01:47
37 Dividend Per Share 00:47
38 Dividend Pay Out Ratio 01:54
39 Dividend Yield Ratio 01:06
40 Illustration on Return on Equity Shareholders Funds 04:13
41 Market Value Ratios 00:48
42 Earnings Yield Ratio 00:38
43 Price Earnings Ratio 04:26
44 Price to Cash Flow Ratio 00:56
45 Introduction to Cash Flow 04:14
46 Cash Flow Activities 01:39
47 Cash Flow Operating Activity 04:47
48 Cash Flow Investing Activity 01:15
49 Cash Flow Financing Activity 01:16
50 Procedure in preparation of Cash Flow Statement 03:08
51 Treatment of Special items in Cash Flow Statement 03:53
52 Case 1 Cash Flow Statement 17:34
53 Case 2 Cash Flow Statement 12:06
54 Fund Flow Analysis Introduction 06:57
55 Fund Flow Analysis Example 07:33
56 Uses of Fund Flow Statement 01:56
57 Case 1 Fund Flow Statement 20:33
Final Exam - FPA  

Eligibility Criteria
This course is ideal for finance professionals and post graduate students in finance who want to understand the concepts of Financial Ratio Analysis, Cash flow and Fund flow Statements.

Ratings & Reviews
Mr. Yao Semorde
Managing Consultant, The Pool Consult
Excellent course but NO reading materials

Mr. Sampath_Kumar_N Kunagu
Audit assistant, Sushmita Chowdhury & Co

Engineer, ISGEC Hitachi Zosen Ltd
Very great communication skill & good step by step understanding

Himanshu jhunjhunwala

Mr. Shilpy singh
Very good . concepts clear in deep

Abhisek Bhattacharjee

Abhisek Bhattacharjee

Sangeetha P

Sangeetha P

Mr. Anand CP

Aakash Singh
I also impressed his example and knowledge.


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Course Expert
Mr. N Raja CA
A Practicing Chartered Accountant with tonnes of passion for teaching. He also holds a PGDBA - Finance from Symbiosis SCDL and a B.Com., from Loyola College, Chennai.

He has worked in State Bank of India as Assistant Vice President - Credit for a period of four years after which he started his own CA Practice. During the stint in SBI, he gained good experience in Mid Corporate Credit Analysis, Project Finance, Risk Assessment, etc.

He has handled various sessions on
a) Project Finance
b) Credit Risk Assessment
c) Entrepreneurship Development
All batches are currently full