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Online Training Course on E-Commerce (E-Commerce)
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This Online Training and Certification Course on E-Commerce has been delivered by ApnaCourse.com in partnership with Flipkart (India's Largest E-Commerce Marketplace).

The course helps participants gain a comprehensive understanding of E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Selling on a Marketplace, Flipkart Panel Management, MS Excel skills, After Sales Management, Customer Engagement and much more. This course is delivered by subject matter experts through Live Instructor-led classroom training with 24x7 access to high quality e-learning content.

The course also includes an end of course hands-on project work including creating and maintaining a seller portal on Flipkart, performing digital marketing, simulating orders, tracking sales and conversions, analysing metrics etc. Participants successfully completing the course will receive a Course Completion Certificate from Flipkart and a placement assistance at a Flipkart Seller.

Criteria for availing the placement assistance
This feature is available only to those candidates who enrol into the course, complete 100% of the video lectures, attend atleast 2 instructor-led video webinars in a month and successfully complete the end of course project work within the defined timeframe.

Course Benefits
  1. Comprehensive understanding of E-commerce
  2. In-depth knowledge of selling on an Online Marketplace
  3. Course completion certificate from Flipkart
  4. Increased chances of working with retail sellers doing online business

Course Agenda
  • Introduction to E-Commerce/Online Marketplace
  • Preparing to Sell on a Marketplace
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • The First Sales
  • Post Sales Engagement
  • Metrics and Analytics (including Google Analytics, Excel etc.)
  • Continuous Sales Improvement
Live hands-on project work throughout the course, mentored and graded by subject matter experts
Introduction to E-Commerce/Online Marketplace
1 Introduction to the Course Preview 05:02
2 What is an Online Marketplace 17:14
3 History of Indian E-Commerce 17:51
4 Advantages of Online Marketplace 18:45
5 Online Purchase 19:13
6 Ease of Operations 22:14
7 Seller Success Story 21:46
Preparing to Sell on a Marketplace
8 Registering as a Seller with Flipkart - Part 1 06:32
9 Registering as a Seller with Flipkart - Part 2 19:11
10 Selling Essentials - Cataloging - Part 1 18:44
11 Selling Essentials - Cataloging - Part 2 10:22
12 Common mistakes to avoid while Cataloging 10:18
13 Listing products on Flipkart 21:27
14 Introduction to MS Excel 17:45
15 Add listing in bulk - Part 1 19:51
16 Add listing in bulk - Part 2 13:37
Marketing & Advertising
17 Introduction to Digital Marketing 18:48
18 Digital Marketing Channels 19:48
19 Flipkart Digital Marketing Strategy 12:45
20 Flipkart Promotions - Part 1 17:11
21 Flipkart Promotions - Part 2 13:23
22 Product Listing Ads (PLA) 08:06
23 Introduction to Ad Groups 10:42
24 Ad Groups 08:51
25 Creating an Ad Campaign 18:08
26 Allocating Ad Budget 09:54
27 Tracking an Ad Campaign 22:05
The First Sales
28 Making the First Sales 19:21
29 Packaging 09:44
30 Outline Marketplace Offerings 14:45
31 Effective Inventory Management 10:03
32 Organize Inventory 22:59
  Update on organizing inventory  
33 Packing Guidelines 10:41
34 Invoicing 18:56
  Update on Invoicing  
35 Flipkart Advantage Services 11:10
36 FA - the Invoice Tab 19:41
Post Sales Engagement
37 Understanding Payment Settlement 19:40
  Update on Payment Settlement  
38 Payment Settlement RTO 23:06
  Update on Payment Settlement RTO  
39 Returns Management 20:38
40 Speedy Returns Process 20:04
  Update on Speedy Returns Process  
Metrics and Analytics
41 Importance of Analytics in E-Commerce 16:25
42 Glossary of Flipkart Metrics 15:32
43 Highest Returned Products 08:51
44 Your Performance Report 13:44
45 Dispatch Breaches 13:41
Continuous Sales Improvement
46 What is Continuous Sales Improvement 17:39
47 Summary of the Course 02:36

Eligibility criteria

There is no eligibility criteria for this course. Anyone interested to learn and understand E-Commerce and selling on Flipkart can enrol into this course. It can include School/College students, marketing professionals, sellers on Flipkart and others who are keen to understand and implement selling strategies on Flipkart.
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