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Approved Exam Preparation Provider for Financial Risk Manager (FRM) 2020 Certification Course.
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Financial Risk Manager (FRM) is the world's most highly valued accreditation for financial professionals who manage risk. FRM program is managed by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP, USA). FRM is also accountable to evaluate and take appropriate action to control risks that involves Inflation, Foreign exchange, Liquidity etc.
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Mr. Amit Parakh
CFA FRM CA CS and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. An expert Finance trainer. more>>
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Course Overview

GARP logoApproved Exam Preparation Provider for Financial Risk Manager (FRM) 2020 Certification Course.

This Online Training Course on Financial Risk Manager or FRM® Certification covers the syllabus prescribed by GARP for 2020 exams and is delivered by FinShastra, founded by Amit Parakh, a CA, FRM, CS and CFA holder and a renowned trainer for FRM and related Finance Courses.

Overview of FRM Certification

Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) – is the world's most highly valued accreditation for financial professionals who manage risk. FRM program is managed by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP, USA)

The FRM is a globally recognized yardstick certification program for financial risk managers and is the de-facto global qualification in the practice of Financial Risk Management.

Ideally, FRM certification is for banking and finance specialists who are involved in analysing, controlling, or assessing potential credit, market, operational risks and anticipating various risks that the organization may be susceptible to in the process of growing and creating value. FRM is also accountable to evaluate and take appropriate action to control risks that involves Inflation, Foreign exchange, Volatility, Liquidity etc.

The program is highly acclaimed due to the available number of job opportunities and lower fees for the course per se. FRM fees is much lower when compared to the fees of CFA and MBA.

About FRM Certification

FRM certification helps you to scale the ladder and move ahead in the global job market. Certified FRMs have secured positions such as Chief Risk Officer, Senior Risk Analyst, Head of Operational Risk and Director of Risk Management and so on. In evidencing your skill and displaying better risk practices, you automatically enrol yourself to a world-wide community who are enthusiastic to improve financial stability.

As the fiscal industry becomes progressively competitive and anxious about managing risk, it is imperative to engage yourself and your capabilities to add value to an organization. Possessing FRM certification indicates to employers that you are sincere about risk management and that you have had your Certification authenticated against international professional standards. By linking yourself to the FRM community, you become part of the elite group of accomplished professionals who are pursued after and employed by the leading financial institutions in the world.

It has been observed that most people who participate in the program would endorse it to others to do the same. Professionals in the field of finance and having widespread knowledge about economy and finance can work as a Financial Risk Manager. Most of the reputed risk management firms give enormous value to a FRM qualified person. Therefore, FRM certification is a necessity for any aspiring Financial Risk Manager. The credential gives one an exhaustive understanding of world economy, financial markets, various risk models and much more. Although the certification gives demanding knowledge about risk management, one must be skilful of taking premeditated risks while working under tremendous pressure to flourish as a FRM professional.

FRM certification is a highly sought-after testimonial throughout the world. While large-scale risk management firms continue to remain as major employers of FRM professionals, one can work as a freelancer too. Major corporations and investment bankers take FRM services from risk management firms, and some of them employs FRM professionals. A FRM certified professional can aim for positions such as Risk Quantification Manager, Credit risk specialist, Market risk specialist, Enterprise Risk Manager, Operational risk analysts, Regulatory risk analysts etc.

The compensation and other perks for an FRM professional is usually high as it involves extensive traveling and working under pressure. The under-lying truth is It is a highly rewarding and satisfying career.

FRM aspirant is offered a ‘FRM Charter’ upon completion of the course. There are over 26000 FRM charter holders across globe.

Benefits of FRM Certification

The highlight of the FRM certification is that it gives you a distinctive advantage from the other risk professionals who are operative in money and investment turfs. FRM certification is of such high standards that every top employer recognizes and appreciates it. The skills that a FRM integrates are priceless and the FRM certification provides you with state of the art knowledge that is required in its field.

The FRM certification gives you the opportunity to network with some of the experts in the market and expands opportunities in the world of finance. More than 30,000 individuals from 141 countries across the globe have passed the FRM Exam, automatically, empowering you to become part of the elite group.

Employers around the world realize that the FRM Program prepares candidates with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the dynamic financial sector. The FRM designation is by far the best known and most respected designation for financial risk, with all the top 25 global banks having a significant presence of Certified FRMs in its organisation.

Financial risk managers in the USA can earn anywhere between US$ 100,000 and US$ 250,000. They receive various peripheral benefits, which include pension, health insurance, paid vacations and much more. The average salary of an FRM in India is around INR 900,000

The amount of money a financial risk manager earns depends primarily on several factors. Some of the factors which influence are:
  • Experience
  • Academic qualification
  • who or which company they work for also plays a significant role on the level of compensation
FRM certified professional will have the below mentioned career prospects:
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Analytics Client Consultant – Risk Management Analytics
  • Risk Manager, Personal Banking
  • Corporate Risk – Managing Director – COO & Risk Officer for Global Asset Liability Management
  • Risk Quantification Manager
  • Manager, Operational Risk Advisory and Oversight for Wealth Management
  • Large Enterprise Commercial Risk Manager
  • Senior Operational Risk Manager
  • Credit risk specialists
  • Market risk specialists
  • Operational risk analysts
  • Regulatory risk analysts
  • Risk Manager, Prudential Risk
  • Enterprise Risk Manager
  • Risk Manager
In a nutshell an FRM will:
  • Stand out to employers and set himself apart
  • Develop knowledge and expertise
  • Join an elite group across the world
  • Demonstrate leadership at work
  • Affirm achievements through real-world experience
  • Enhance reputation
  • Grow global networking connection
  • Increase job opportunities across the globe

Course Curriculum
2 Banks 27:11
3 Banks Update 05:13
Practice Quiz  
4 Insurance Companies and Pension Plans 42:26
Practice Quiz  
5 Fund Management 40:13
6 Fund Management-Updates 04:10
Practice Quiz  
7 Introduction to Derivatives 45:47
Practice Quiz  
8 Exchanges and OTC Markets 28:22
9 Exchanges and OTC- Update 08:00
Practice Quiz  
10 Central Clearing -1 28:57
Practice Quiz  
11 Central Clearing -2 13:15
Practice Quiz  
12 Futures Markets 53:20
13 Futures Market - Update 04:23
Practice Quiz  
14 Using Futures for Hedging 28:06
Practice Quiz  
15 Pricing Financial Forwards and Futures 43:52
16 Pricing Financial Forwards and Futures - update 13:18
Practice Quiz  
17 Commodities Futures and Forwards 46:04
Practice Quiz  
18 Options Markets 35:25
19 Options Markets - update 23:34
Practice Quiz  
20 Properties of Options 31:46
21 Properties of Options - Update 03:47
Practice Quiz  
22 Trading Strategies 46:23
23 Trading Strategies - Update 07:49
Practice Quiz  
24 Exotic Options 31:15
Practice Quiz  
25 Foreign Exchange Risk(new) 45:57
26 Foreign Exchange Risk(old) 34:11
Practice Quiz  
27 Interest Rates 01:08:36
28 Properties of Interest Rates - Update1 06:16
29 Properties of Interest Rate - Update2 08:18
Practice Quiz  
30 Corporate Bonds 38:54
31 Corporate Bonds - update 07:41
Practice Quiz  
32 Mortgages and Mortgage Backed Securities 1 30:50
33 Mortgages and Mortgage Backed Securities 2 42:42
Practice Quiz  
34 Interest Rate Futures 40:22
Practice Quiz  
35 Swaps 50:12
Practice Quiz  
64 Measures of Financial Risk 31:12
65 Measures of Financial Risk - Update 10:25
Practice Quiz  
66 Understanding VaR Methods 21:33
Practice Quiz  
67 Calculating and Applying VaR 33:02
Practice Quiz  
68 Measuring and Monitoring Volatility - 1 39:08
69 Measuring and Monitoring Volatility - 2 19:25
Practice Quiz  
70 External and Internal Ratings 20:32
71 External and Internal Credit Ratings - Update 16:57
Practice Quiz  
72 Country Risk 30:15
73 Country Risk -Updates 06:22
Practice Quiz  
74 Measuring Credit Risk - Part1 20:29
75 Measuring Credit Risk - Part2 26:13
76 Measuring Credit Risk - Part3 17:28
77 Operational Risk 33:03
Practice Quiz  
78 Stress Testing -1 16:28
Practice Quiz  
79 Stress Testing-2 12:02
Practice Quiz  
80 Stress Testing-3 23:52
Practice Quiz  
81 Pricing Conventions, Discounting and Arbitrage 36:53
Practice Quiz  
82 Interest Rates 40:35
Practice Quiz  
83 Bond Yields and Return Calculations 36:00
Practice Quiz  
84 Applying Duration, Convexity abd DV01 40:11
Practice Quiz  
85 Modeling Non Parallel Term Structure Shifts and Hedging 39:57
Practice Quiz  
86 Binomial Tree 38:26
Practice Quiz  
87 Black Scholes Merton Model 27:13
Practice Quiz  
88 The Greeks Letter 42:02
Practice Quiz  
89 Capital Structure in Banks 21:50
Practice Quiz  
mock test1  
mock test2  
mock test3  

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for FRM

There is no pre-qualification required to appear for the FRM Exam. Nevertheless, the FRM program is recommended to, MBA, CFA, CA, CPA, and other finance professionals, as this program specializes into Risk Management.

Even an undergraduate (Final Year of Graduation) is qualified to give the FRM exam. But you can take FRM Part 2 only when you complete the FRM Part 1. Candidates must pass both the parts one after another.

A minimum of two years professional full-time work experience in financial risk management or any related field including, trading, portfolio management, industry research, economics, auditing, risk consulting, etc. is a must

Once you have passed the FRM Exam, you need to provide the proof of your professional experience to GARP to receive your certificate. The proof of professional experience should be furnished to GARP in about 5 years of time. Failure to do so, will result in you taking the exams once again. GARP, after processing your work experience, will mail the certificate to you.

Two things set you as a certified Financial Risk Manager:
  1. Firstly, should have a passing score on the FRM Examination, and;
  2. Secondly should be an active Fellow membership in the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)

Ratings & Reviews
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Balance Sheet management, Sterling Bank
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Officer, Canara bank
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Investment Officer - Risk Analytics, central bank of kenya
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Student, IBS hyd
thanks a lot

analyst, hsbc
Very helpful. cost wise also very reasonable.Thanks to Apna course f & Amit sir.
Passed FRM1, Butterfield Bank
Good course. As with any course there are errors that I wish Apna would go back and fix/edit with just some typed comments at the bottom of the screen. Overall a nice dive into the material and feeling good about taking some practice exams soon.
Passed FRM1, Butterfield Bank
I passed level 1. Thank you! Will be purchasing level 2 soon. Thanks Mr. Parakh

Mr. Venkat Narayan reddy
Branch Manager, Janalakshmi Financial Services
Good courses for career building

Balu Natarajan
Analyst, Moodys Investor Services
Very good instructor. Tries to give reasoning behind equations and formulas.

Internal Control Officer, First Bank of Nigeria
Incisive insights into the key elements of the program and detailed analysis to reinforce key points to remember. excellent job and weldone

assistant manager, uco bank
Excellent course

Abhimanyu Mathur
Officer, Bank of Baroda
A comprehensive course which makes the textbook easy to understand.

Pradeep Ramchandani
lecturer, mcmaster

Naga Siva Srikanth
trader, futures first

Francis Fontenelle
Adviser, ECCB
Excellent course

Ms. Akshaya Mali
Risk Analyst
Excellently explained. Almost all topics are covered.

Manager Training
Very nice course offered by Apnacourse. Precise and to the point. Thank you so much.

I have found the FRM part 1video course very helpful. The author is very knowledgeable and is able to explain complex concepts with ease. Also the author has included multiple illustrations which makes it more easier to visualize the problem. The practice and mockup exams are up to the standard and definitely helps with self assessment.

I recommend strongly this course to pursue as the lectures very well descriptive & explained logically which helps in concept development.

Best price best teachings

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Course Expert
Mr. Amit Parakh
Mr. Amit Parakh
Amit, an IIM Ahmedabad graduate is an avid trainer in the finance space. Having cracked CA (with an all India 14th rank), FRM, CS, CFA exams all in first attempt and being an Aditya Birla Scholarship nominee as one of the all India CAT toppers, he knows what it takes.

He regularly conducts study programs related to CFA, FRM, CA and has conducted courses/workshops for IIM Shillong, XLRI, Praxis,Great Lakes, SREI, IFCI, ICICI Bank, NSE, Kotak Securities etc. Amit has worked extensively in the banking and equity research areas before entering academics. He has been with Structured Products Group, ICICI Bank, where he played a key role in carrying out valuation assignments, building credit rating models and structuring transactions.

He has also been an equity research analyst with JP Morgan where he was involved in building valuation models and financial analysis of Indian IT Services companies. He takes active interest in capital markets and specifically, likes to get involved in valuation assignments. He conducts workshops on corporate finance, asset valuation, risk management and financial analysis.
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