Online Training Course on PMP<sup>®</sup> Exam Preparation (PMBOK<sup>®</sup> 5<sup>th</sup> Edition) (PMP<sup>®</sup> Exam Preparation <br>(PMBOK<sup>®</sup> 5<sup>th</sup> Edition))
PMP® Exam Preparation
(PMBOK® 5th Edition)
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Mock Exams for PMP<sup>®</sup> Exam Preparation (PMBOK<sup>®</sup> 5<sup>th</sup> Edition) (PMP<sup>®</sup> Exam Preparation <br>(PMBOK<sup>®</sup> 5<sup>th</sup> Edition))
Mock Exams
4 Online Simulator exams of 200 questions each
Question Bank for PMP<sup>®</sup> Exam Preparation (PMBOK<sup>®</sup> 5<sup>th</sup> Edition) (PMP<sup>®</sup> Exam Preparation <br>(PMBOK<sup>®</sup> 5<sup>th</sup> Edition))
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Flash Card for PMP<sup>®</sup> Exam Preparation (PMBOK<sup>®</sup> 5<sup>th</sup> Edition) (PMP<sup>®</sup> Exam Preparation <br>(PMBOK<sup>®</sup> 5<sup>th</sup> Edition))
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Certificate for PMP<sup>®</sup> Exam Preparation (PMBOK<sup>®</sup> 5<sup>th</sup> Edition) (PMP<sup>®</sup> Exam Preparation <br>(PMBOK<sup>®</sup> 5<sup>th</sup> Edition))
Proof of 35 PDU's / 35 contact hours
*Important: Certificate will be awarded only after completion of all video lectures, practise tests, mock exams and the Final Evaluation Exam
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Overview of PMP Certification Course:

PMP certification is the world's leading certification in project management. The certification is designed for professionals who are willing to launch or boost their career in project management. is a product of Spearhead EduOnline Private Ltd., a Global Registered Education Provider of PMI (R.E.P. ID: 4460)

PMI Reg ApnaCourse

PMP certification is the most illustrious professional qualification for the likes of project managers offered by Project Management Institute (PMI)®.

Certification awarded by Project Management Institute, Inc., 2013. PMP® helps the individuals to increase their marketability to the prospective employers and to stand-out from the crowd. They also get the power in maximizing the earning potential. The training and certification is based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Unified learning program of PMP conducted by ApnaCourse equips you with the right material that you need to meet the demands of PMP and the Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM) exams. PMP and CAPM are based on the principles which can enhance your competence and knowledge in Project management techniques, and launch your ability to handle any complex challenges with confidence with respect to PMP.

PMP Certification is the most accepted form of Project Management worldwide. It is based on the guide lines laid down by PMBOK. PMP certification is germane in the global IT industry. Our Online directed PMP Exam Prep course gears you to prepare for the PMP or CAPM exams at your own convenience PMP certification will help you to achieve the process groups and the knowledge areas which will enable you to achieve your PMP certification in your very first attempt.

About PMP Certification:

  • PMP’s leading projects are found worldwide unlike other certifications which can sometimes be available only on certain domains.
  • A certified PMP has opportunity knocking virtually in any industry, with any methodology and geographically well-spaced. Certified PMP had a clear-cut advantage in his earning potentials.
  • Earning power survey showed that an individual with PMP certification can garner higher salary (20% higher on average) than those without a PMP certification. Employers benefit as well. When they employ PMP-certified individual the employer is at advantage since the PM’s complete their projects on time and they are in sync with the budget and meet the goals.
  • PMP implies that you speak and understand the universal language of project management and connects you to a community of professionals, organizations and experts worldwide.

Why PMP Certification?

  • Project management certification has an enormous demand in the market. PMP certification speaks volumes and is used by almost every industry.
  • Following statistics prove why one should obtain PMP Certification:
  • 2020 will see an upsurge in project management and are expected to grow closer to 15.7 million globally.
  • Some of the project-oriented industries mainly Manufacturing, Construction, Oil and Gas, IT and Finance are expecting to increase at least about 37% in their production by 2020.
  • According to Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey, Ninth Edition, 2015 - Certified project management professionals are expected to earn about $81,000 (USD) which is 20% higher than those without the certification
  • Project management certification will enhance your knowledge in a domain that is accepted and in demand globally.
  • PMP certification skills are effective and relevant across industries and geographies, thus opening a plethora of opportunities.
  • Enrolling for a Project Management Course leading to PMP qualified status makes it extremely probable for an individual to elevate himself in the existing job or open greener avenues.
  • An accomplished PMP certified individual’s morale is boosted and his confidence level is taken to a newer high.
  • PMP Certification leads you to a league of professionals who are globally recognised and increases your networking abilities with experts worldwide.

Benefits of PMP certification:

  • Globally recognized certification
  • PMP enables you to become a good Project Manager as it teaches you the best practices inculcated by many PM’s across the globe.
  • Helps you to organize yourself and the success rate grows
  • Becoming cost effective with minimum resources
  • Changes the perception of your abilities in the eyes of others
  • There is no job salvation instead you get better opportunities. PMP certified individuals get promoted easily or they get jobs easily.
  • Salary scales get on the higher side in comparison with your counter parts
  • By attaining the PMP certification, your name will be included in the largest and most prestigious group of certified Project Management Professionals.
Did You Know?
Session 1
1 Introduction to PMP 44:50
2 7 Steps in PMP 58:04
3 Project 01:00:26
4 Summary Preview 04:28
Session 2
5 Project Lifecycle 24:27
6 Models of Project Lifecycle Preview 03:59
7 What helps Projects Succeed 25:09
8 Organizational Influences 22:31
9 Summary 03:06
Session 2.1
10 Project Management Process 29:51
11 Process Group Interaction 25:11
12 Project Integration Management 39:24
13 Project Integration Management-Part2 43:52
14 Introduction to other knowledge Areas-Part 1 01:09:29
15 Introduction to other knowledge Areas-Part 2 01:11:10
16 Summary 04:27
Session 2.2
17 Introduction to Scope Management 18:54
18 Planning Project Scope Management-Part 1 43:18
19 Planning Project Scope Management-Part 2 40:15
20 Monitoring and Controlling Project Scope Management 31:37
21 Summary 04:10
Session 2.3
22 Introduction to Time Management 12:31
23 Planning Time Management-Part 1 01:10:55
24 Planning Time Management-Part 2 54:44
25 Understand the Value of Time-Part 1 01:02:17
26 Understand the Value of Time-Part 2 01:01:51
27 Monitoring Time Management 03:17
28 Summary 02:06
Session 2.4
29 Introduction to Cost Management 38:09
30 Planning Cost Management 01:10:35
31 Monitoring and Controlling 01:28:33
32 Summary 05:37
Session 2.5
33 Introduction to Quality Management 26:44
34 Plan Quality Management 25:47
35 Perform Quality Assurance 10:08
36 Control Quality 21:55
37 Summary 01:32
Session 2.6
38 Introduction to HR Management 36:38
39 Acquire Project Team 01:05:21
40 Develop Project Team 51:39
41 Manage Project Team 47:49
42 Important Concepts on HR Management 21:44
43 Important Concepts on HR Management-Part 2 13:21
44 Summary 03:31
Session 2.7
45 Introduction to Communications Management 29:54
46 Plan Communications Management 42:29
47 Manage Communications-Part 1 10:17
48 Manage Communications-Part 2 09:37
49 Control Communications 17:02
50 Summary 08:17
Session 2.8
51 Introduction to Risk Management-Part 1 56:25
52 Introduction to Risk Management-Part 2 12:06
53 Plan Risk Management 20:01
54 Identify Risks-Part 1 44:15
55 Identify Risks-Part 2 43:53
56 Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis-Part 1 08:48
57 Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis-Part 2 21:36
58 Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis 27:19
59 Plan Risk Performance 24:40
60 Control Risks 22:54
61 Summary 00:44
Session 2.9
62 Introduction to Procurement Management 21:47
63 Project Procurement Management-Part 1 45:51
64 Project Procurement Management-Part 2 01:07:11
65 Control Procurements 26:43
66 Close Procurements 21:16
67 Summary 01:56
Session 2.10
68 Introduction to Stake Holder Management 13:40
69 Identify Stake Holders 23:59
70 Plan Stake Holder Management 16:43
71 Manage Stake Holder Engagement 20:44
72 Control Stake Holder Management 13:06
73 Summary 01:56
Exam Tips and Tricks
74 Tips and Tricks 40:11
  PMP Exam changes  
  Test 1  
  Test 2  
  Test 3  
  Test 4  
  Test 5  
  Mock Exam 1  
  Mock Exam 2  
  Mock Exam 3  
  Mock Exam 4  
  Final Exam  

Eligibility criteria for PMP®

Education & Experience
A secondary degree (high school diploma, associate degree, or the global equivalent) with at least five years of project management experience, with 7,500 hours leading and directing projects and 35 hours of project management education.
A four-year degree (bachelor degree or the global equivalent) and at least three years of project management experience, with 4,500 hours leading and directing projects and 35 hours of project management education.
It expands your market reach, enhances your project management skills, displays your ability to handle challenging projects, guides you to manage critical projects, and increases your salary by a huge margin. According to the PMI® s 2013 Talent Gap Report, the project management industry is anticipated to grow vastly by 2020. It is also expected to open numerous jobs sooner .This shows the requirement of talented and qualified project managers, who can achieve success and organizational goals.
Throughout the year.
Firstly – when you enrol as a member you will be entitled for a discount in examination fee up to USD 150. Secondly - With PMI® membership you can access commercially available books on project management and will also be allowed for a free download of PMBOK® Guide, which is essential to prepare for the PMP® Certification Exam.
The passing score is not disclosed by PMI and it is based on the overall performance in the examination
As we are Registered Education Provider of PMI® with an R.E.P Number of 4460. We will train you the right amount of skills and expertise to shine as a project manager.
Our trainings are not only designed to give subject skills but also train you to face any challenges that may appear at your job front. Our experienced faculty will guide you through the course with real world examples and case studies drawn from their own industry experiences.
Study materials include 74 lecture topics, 36+ hours of video lectures, 5+ practise test with solutions, mock exams, flash card, question bank and course ware with a proof of 35 PDU'S.
Survey says that industry pays more for PMP certified professionals
The validity of a PMP® Certification is for three (3) years.
One needs to gain 60 professional development units (PDUs) every three years.
Praveenkumar Haralalli
Intel Software Sales Specilaist, Intel

Vedavyas Joshi

Smita Subramanian
Clinical Project Mgr, Children's Oncology group
I absolutely loved taking this course! After ages it was a real experience of learning. I went in knowing a little and ended up learning a whole new world of PM and how i was and was not doing it right in my work. I really liked the teaching of Mr. Chandramouli, very lucid, understanding and was being in a classroom actually learning. I also have to mention the easy breezy navigation of the system and especially the live chat support. They are awesome! Highly recommend for aspiring professionals! I really hope there was a possibility for you guys to delve into other areas such as Clinical Project Management, Clinical Data Analysis etc!

Smita Subramanian
Clinical Project Mgr, Children's Oncology group
The video courses are extremely helpful in maintaining interest and attention and actually learning at concepts level. The instructor gives a very classroom like feeling with iterations, tips, assurances etc.

Mr. Olaiwola Bolaji Bolaji
Project Manager, Special Proje, Co-Creation Hub Nigeria
Excellent course so far. Nice approach to learning for busy professionals who need to quit procrastinating their professional development. Thank you APNAcourse

Mr. Adrian Rajoo Siva
Easy to pickup and learn

Saran Singh
The course is very good and effective for working professionals. It has helped me to prepare inspite of my busy schedule. Thanks a lot!

Mr. Dinesh Sundaran
A comprehensive course. This course is structured in the best possible way. A great introductory too about PMP.

Ms. Tejaswini Shetty
The training was good in terms of explanation and clearing the concepts theoretically. Overall very good, professional execution of the course by faculty in a structured way..

Mr. Ramesh Mani
Its a best course for management professionals. well explained. i suggest people to take up this course..

Ms. Ankita Chatterjee
The lectures were good. gained lot of knowledge from this.

Mr. Rajin Renji
awesome course .. it helped me a lot in understanding the business environment in a company

Ms. Sannidhi Kamath
Thanks for this course. Very nice explanation given by the faculty.

Mr. Kannan Babu
Very useful. Explained clearly

Mr. Agnesh Tilak

Mr. Ram Kumar
Excellent Course.. Loved the numericals part

Ms. Roopa R
Well organised course and good for certification

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