This online training course is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Basic SAS Programming. The course begins with the emphasis on the features and capabilities of SAS. It covers concepts required to perform day to day work in the professional world
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Course Overview
This online training course is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Basic SAS Programming. The course begins with the emphasis on the features and capabilities of SAS. It covers concepts required to perform day to day work in the professional world.

It covers topics on reading data from various sources to creating datasets, data step processing, data manipulation, creating reports using SAS procedures, performing descriptive statistics and combining datasets.It also covers advanced topics like usage of SQL and macros in SAS.

SAS University Edition is used during the course to explain the concepts. Hands-on experience is guaranteed as various concepts are shown throughout the course.

Course Curriculum
1 SAS - Features & Capabilities Preview 06:49
2 SAS Windows,Program flow,Libraries 12:08
3 Reading data from text, csv files & SET statement 08:16
4 Installation of SAS University Edition 04:05
5 Features, Write your first program 05:25
6 Define library, Use SET Statement 04:47
7 Reading data to create datasets - Using Infile, PROC IMPORT 09:01
8 Dataset creation -Using List Input, Column Input, Datalines 06:52
9 Data Step Processing 07:06
10 Informats 07:10
11 Formats 04:28
12 Dates in SAS 08:19
13 Reading raw data using Formatted, Mixed Formatted Input 10:41
14 Demo - Listed, Column, Formatted & Mixed Input 10:25
15 Demo - Reading Non Standard data 03:47
17 Procedures - PRINT, FREQ, FORMAT 09:43
18 Demo - Procedure CONTENTS, PRINT 08:54
19 Demo - Procedure FREQ 10:52
20 Demo - Procedure FORMAT, title statement 11:06
21 Selecting variables - KEEP, DROP 08:16
22 Subsetting datasets - IF, WHERE, DELETE, OUTPUT 06:11
23 Conditional Processing - IF, IF-THEN/ELSE Statements 06:04
24 Procedures - IMPORT, EXPORT, SORT 05:55
25 Demo - KEEP, DROP 07:22
26 Demo - Conditional Processing -If Else, If Else If 04:28
27 Demo- Subsetting datasets-IF, WHERE 06:56
28 Demo - PROC SORT 09:08
29 Using ODS Statements to Create outputs 05:53
30 Demo - Using ODS statements 05:15
31 Character functions 12:50
32 Numeric & Date functions, Put & Input functions 11:25
33 Demo - Character functions 10:27
34 Demo - Numeric functions 04:31
35 Demo - Date functions 09:38
36 Demo - Input and Put 03:30
37 Stacking & Interleaving Data Sets using the SET Statement 04:40
38 Using Merge statement 09:04
39 Example on Merge, IN dataset option 08:57
40 One-to-Many merge, Many-to-Many 07:14
41 Demo - SET, Interleave 04:20
42 Demo - One-to-One merge, types of merges, match merge 13:20
43 Demo - One-Many & Many-Many Match merge 05:27
44 Procedures - MEANS, SUMMARY, TABULATE 06:03
45 Demo- Procedure MEANS 08:04
46 Demo- Procedure SUMMARY 05:54
47 Demo- Procedure TABULATE 08:31
48 The Simplest SELECT, WHERE, ORDER Statement 10:08
49 SQL Joins 05:10
50 Using Group Functions 06:06
51 Quick Summary 06:29
52 Demo -SELECT, WHERE, ORDER 07:52
53 Demo - GROUP BY, HAVING 05:36
54 Demo - SQL Joins 15:19
55 Define Macros Variables and Macros 08:51
56 Demo - Define Macro Variables 07:04
57 Demo - Define Macros 07:33
58 Demo - Symput, Symget 04:21
Final Exam - SAS  

Eligibility Criteria
Freshers and experienced professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in Data analysis, Reporting and Analytics. No prior knowledge of programming/SQL is required. It is the entry point to learning SAS programming and is a prerequisite to advanced SAS and analytics courses.

Ratings & Reviews
Mr. Abrar Iqbal Khalfe
3.5, 3.5

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