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Vedic Maths (Speed Maths) Basic Level

This Online Training Course on Vedic Maths also known as Speed Maths, is a comprehensive course delivered by a vedic maths expert. The basic level course covers the various speed maths techniques across levels with lots of examples and numericals for easy understanding and grasping
Course Faculty
Ms. Chitra Krishnaswamy
A renowned trainer on STEM Education & Robotics Computing more>>
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28 Lecture Topics
4+ Hours of Video Lectures
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Final Exam - Vedic Maths
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Course Overview
This Online Training Course on Vedic Maths also known as Speed Maths, is a comprehensive course delivered by a vedic maths expert. The basic level course covers the various speed maths techniques across levels with lots of examples and numericals for easy understanding and grasping.

Course Curriculum
1 1st Class Preview 08:48
2 2nd Class 09:31
3 3rd Class 05:50
4 4th Class 14:10
5 5th Class 05:20
6 6th Class 07:21
7 Summary 05:48
Practise Test 1  
8 1st Class 01:04
9 2nd Class 13:29
10 3rd Class 20:04
11 4th Class 09:28
12 5th Class 19:18
13 6th Class 10:16
14 Summary 01:34
Practise Test 2  
15 1st Class 03:52
16 2nd Class 15:01
17 3rd Class 05:54
18 4th Class 11:16
19 5th Class 14:24
20 6th Class 04:39
21 Summary 01:03
Practise Test 3  
22 1st Class 02:33
23 2nd Class 08:32
24 3rd Class 04:15
25 4th Class 10:08
26 5th Class 05:19
27 6th Class 04:22
28 Summary 00:55
Practise Test 4  
Final Exam - Vedic Maths  

Eligibility Criteria
This course is best suited for students preparing for entrance exams like SAT, JEE etc. where time is critical and hence vedic maths techniques can significantly help candidates save valuable time during the exam. The course is also suited for students pursuing post graduation in maths and for learners having a passion in speed maths / vedic maths.

Ratings & Reviews
Teacher, Jain public school
good one

Pooja bhavsar
homemaker, -
it was nice, topics are explain in simple manner.

Teacher, Gyan sagar

TGT MATH teacher, Cauvery Global School Trichirapalli

Mr. Vitaliy Burmistrov
Vitaliy, LTD VitaiLen

TGT MATH teacher, Cauvery Global School Trichirapalli
Very nice

Sivakanni S Gopal
3, 3
very useful course.

Mr. Abrar Iqbal Khalfe
2.5, 2.5

Mr. Abrar Iqbal Khalfe
2.5, 2.5

Pooja Gupta
Very interesting course. I enjoyed it and love to do practice of all this.

Very nice course


Mr. Sangamesh Aiholli
It's very helpful

Diksha kumari

Mr. Prachi Karonde

Mr. Arshiya farheen
Excellent course

Ms. Prasanna Lakshmi Edula

It is an amazing course for maths enthusiast like me as i have searching the online courses these days which could give quality content regarding Vedic Maths so here i got it in the apna course just exploring this course and have completed the Level-1. And at the end Thank you Apna course for providing us free coure on Vm.


Priti Pravinkumar Dabade
very good

Milan Rout
the videos are very helpful

amol bagate

Its great

Mahima Choudhary
Best experience

nice course content , and teaching method..

Narendra Singh Rathore
Mam you are doing great

Mr. Vijay kumar chanda
Course is good improve fractions part

Ms. Shweta Kumari
Good course

Khishamuddin syed

S V V Krishna

Khishamuddin syed
Thanks Chitra Mam and Apna Course Team for providing this course.

The course is nicely divided into small, understandable chunks which have been well explained by Ms. Chitra. A holistic learning experience.

Very good site for doing online course

Pratibha Bhalekar
Very informative n useful.

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Course Expert
Ms. Chitra Krishnaswamy
Is an avid trainer in Maths, Robotics computing & programming. She is a National Level Certified Trainer for Abacus, Speed Maths & Memory techniques. She works as a vice - principal for an International School. She has conducted various National and State Level competitions, demonstrations and workshops on STEM Robotics education across India. She currently holds 15+ years of teaching experience.
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