ApnaCourse Privilege

A pay-once access-all; subscription membership on ApnaCourse.com

As an ApnaCourse Privilege member, you get access to all the below Courses for the duration of the subscription.

Access96+hrs of video lectures

Subscription Period 1 months 6 months 12 months
Price USD 33.33 USD 177.78 USD 333.33
USD 16.67 USD 88.89 USD 166.67

33+ courses, available to you immediately

How It Works

  Step 1

Enrol into the ApnaCourse Privilege program by clicking on the "Get Privilege Now" button above. ApnaCourse Privilege access is for 6/12 months period that can be renewed anytime.

  Step 2

Make the online payment using a payment option of your choice. On successful payment, you will be redirected back to ApnaCourse and your ApnaCourse Privilege membership will be automatically activated.

  Step 3

Visit any course page and enrol into it. The course (including add-ons as mentioned in the course list) will get added to your account instantly and for the duration of your ApnaCourse Privilege subscription.

  Step 4

Once your ApnaCourse Privilege access expires, you can extend your ApnaCourse Privilege access or continue to enrol into individual courses by paying their respective course price.