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Sindhu Satish

Bio: A highly nuanced Life coach who is a certified Hypnotherapist, with over 4 years of experience in dealing with the 13-35 age group in a variety of issues in the relationships, career, and family space. Has experience in interacting and helping over 2000 people across 45 countries.

Additional Information:
Around 4 years back, I started a small life coaching network with around 20 people where we could discuss our dreams and practice the Law of attraction (And of course, work hard) to achieve them.
By God's grace, this little group has now grown into a 3000-strong network with members from over 45 countries.
I have had the amazing opportunity to have improved the lives of over 500 people across 25 countries such as United Kingdom, Luxembourg, India, USA, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Mauritius, and Denmark by offering them personalized life coaching. I specialize in Relationship, and personal issues coaching, and I typically coach people within the age group of 13-35.
My target audience essentially is a mix of students and young professionals in the 13-35 age group who either avail of life coaching when they have a personal issue or when they’re taking psychotherapy sessions (from a professional) and want to avail of life coach in addition to the same to feel better and happier.
I have successfully coached people from varied backgrounds such as modelling, investment banking, education, dance, engineering, communications, and architecture.
I have developed a flagship life coaching course spread over 5 sessions with specially curated material and podcasts.

There are 3 versions of my flagship course to suit your interests:

1. The Flagship 5 session course: Spread over 5 weeks with 5 one on one sessions (of 30-minute duration) and specially curated material after every session + unlimited email access at 200 EUR.

2. The part DIY part session course: This consists of 3 one on one sessions, and material for all the 5 sessions. I typically do audio sessions for Session 1,3, and 5, but this can be customized + unlimited email access at 150 EUR.

3. The DIY course: This consists of the material for all 5 sessions + unlimited email access at 100 EUR.