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About Self : Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation( VLL) is the first of its kind company working for the cause of Sanskrit promotion through technology. Vyoma Labs has an eco-system of Samskrit scholars, technologists and project management professionals working with pedagogy & technology to enable Sanskrit e-learning.

Smt Sowmya Krishnapur is a Aacharya in Vyakarana Shaastra and is the Head of E-learning and Linguistics in Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation. She has been a passionate Samskrit and Vyakarana teacher for many students offline and online.

VLL also:
  • Provide Linguistic Solutions for clients
  • Build Language analysis tool sets.
  • Multilingual websites for scholars, temples, universities, schools, organisations, mutts, etc.
  • Blend the best of ancient learning techniques, modern teaching methods and e-learning systems to achieve enhanced learning experience for Basic Sanskrit & Advanced Shaastras through multimedia products and online learning.
  • Research in the area of Natural Language Processing ( NLP)
  • Manuscript digitization process.
Sanskrit for Beginners

Sanskrit for Beginners