How it Works. Create your Course in 5 Easy Steps !

Step 1. Create an ApnaCourse account. Login and then click the 'Start Tutoring on ApnaCourse' button at the bottom of this page.
Step 2. Upload a sample video file of your course to help us assess your course content. Once approved by us, you will receive an email notification. Visit ApnaCourse again and you'll find a 'new course' in draft mode. Click that to enter the Course details page.
Step 3. Add your Course Specific Details like Course Name, Category, Description, Overview, Curriculum et al. The course videos can at max be of 4GB size cumulatively (~12 hours of HD video). For requirements greater than 4 GB, please get in touch with us at
Step 4. Upload MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) based practise tests if required. Once done, Publish the Course to take it Live.
Step 5. Your Course is now Live. Share your course link with your students. Once they enrol into the course, they can start the video lectures and the discussions in the Course Social Circle.
Note! please download link for user manual

What you Get. Benefits of ApnaCourse !

Host your Course to a Global Audience. At ApnaCourse, currently we provide online training to more than 2,00,000+ users access multiple course across the world.
Its a pay-per-user model. For details on the pricing, please mail us at
A neatly laid out course structure with topics and sub-topics. Flexibility to add unlimited practise tests, Course related information, Course related resources, lecture wise tracking and much much more.
A dedicated Dashboard report only for your perusal. This report will be accessible only by you and will detail the list of Course Participants, their month on month usage statistics, user analytics etc. You can also add the Course related documents or resources from your dashboard.
A dedicated private social circle for you and your course participants. The participants can ask questions, comment and vote on questions posted in this circle. Circle Experts (as defined by you) can answer those questions. No one outside your participant list can get access to your social circle.
The entire site is 100% add-free. This ensures you and your participants have a seamless, non-disturbing experience of the ApnaCourse platform.