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A Fun & Gamified Test Preparation App

Introducing a first-of-its-kind P2E (Play to Earn) Edtech platform for various test preparations.

Questions in MCQ formats delivered by Industry's top trainers and training institutes across 30+ categories including JEE, NEET, UPSC, GATE, CA Foundation, CSEET, PCS (J) etc. and Upskilling topics like Finance, IT, GK, Logical Reasoning, Verbal & more.

Only Up-to-date Questions

Every question has an active life of a year, ensuring you get only the latest & relevant questions to attempt

Top Class Educators

Our deep screening process makes sure only Top Class Educators post Questions on Exams

Unlimited Rewards

Answer questions correctly and earn rewards & cash back. The more you answer, the more you earn!

Challenge your friends

Create Challenges and compete with your friends in realtime tests with bounties and more. Make learning more engaging.


Exams by ApnaCourse allows you to attempt questions across a wide selection of Upskilling topics & Competitive exams like CA CPT, IIT JEE, NEET, UPSC etc. The questions are curated by Industry leading trainers & training institutes and built with a P2E Gamification concept

Multiple Choice Question format (MCQs)

Every question is of MCQ format only. This is important for the rewards calculation and is aligned to the exam layouts which are mostly MCQs nowadays.

  • Every question has only 1 correct option
  • Number of options could vary between 2 to 6
  • Exams are eligible for Play to Earn where you get cashback on answering the questions correctly. Moreover, there are leaderboard rewards too to make learning exciting

Enrol into any Exam, any Subject

As a student, you get the choice to enrol into any Exam and any subject of your choice. This is because, Learning should never stop! So explore any exam any subject that you feel relevant.

  • Every attempt is unique, so you never get to see the same question again
  • Option choices and the order of questions are jumbled per student per attempt
  • Each question is timed. Attempting them faster could fetch higher reward points & better ranking on the Leaderboard

Attempt anywhere, anytime and on any device

Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop - We are device compatible, multi browser friendly & avaialble as an App too. Download App

  • Realtime & personalized tracking of your learning progress
  • Sync progress between app and web at all times
  • Get detailed analytics on every attempt including average time taken, comparison with other student attempts and more

Get Battle Ready!

Introducing Challenges that allow you to compete with your friends

  • Create or Join a challenge using a challenge code
  • Compete with other players in realtime across 30+ topics and win large bounty
  • Everyone is a winner as the bounty gets split amongst all the players based on points collected. Answer the questions accurately and quickly to win higher bounty

Rewards Aplenty

Every exam/challenge & every question is rewarding. The more you Learn, the more you Earn


Various Exams

Upskilling topics like GST, Accounting, IT, GK, LR etc. & Competitive exams like CA, JEE, GATE, UPSC, NEET & more.


High Quality Questions

Only qualified trainers & training institutes are on-boarded as Educators. View Our Educators


Start for Free

Attempt a free sample exam even without signing up. Get Welcome Bonus on first login


Play to Earn (P2E)

ApnaCourse Exams uses ACoins as the digital currency for all activities in the portal. ACoins are linked to real currencies


Encash anytime

The more you play, the more you win. ACoins thus won can be encashed & we'll initiate the payout to your bank account

For Educators

Get on-board the most unique exam preparation portal and start posting exam type questions today!

High stakes

Every incorrect attempt by any student gives you 1 ACoin. More the questions, higher the student attempts, more the ACoins

Partner with the best

ApnaCourse is an E-learning leader since 2013, recognized amongst the top MOOC platforms globally. Know More

Realtime analytics

Get Live tracking on student attempts, rewards earned, question difficulty, comparison with other educators and more

Free Private Exams

You can also create your own private exam for your closed group of students and share an exam code, completely free

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can enrol/register in this portal?

    Exams by ApnaCourse is for all age groups. Students will find public exams grouped into Competitive (JEE, CAT, CA, GATE, UPSC etc) and Upskilling (Banking & Finance, Project Management, General Knowledge, Logical Reasoning and more). Educators can post questions in public exams and get eligible for the rewards or can create their own free private exams and share the exam code via WhatsApp, Email, SMS etc to their students.

  • Yes. During registration, choose a default profile. You can always switch profile or change the default profile at any time. So a single login supports Educator and Student profile simultaneously.

  • For Students: Attempt Public exams across 50+ categories posted by various top educators to win cashback & rewards on answering them right or Join/Create challenges to invite your friends in a real-time quiz battle on any subject and win bounty or attempt a private exam using the exam code shared by your educator.
    For Educators: Post questions in public exams or create your own free private exam with your questions and share the exam code to your closed network of students. Get dashboard analytics on every student attempt. Only public exams are eligible for rewards wherein your question gets categorized into a difficulty level based on an internal algorithm. The 3 difficulty levels are Easy, Medium, Hard. All questions posted under Public exams have rewards and you earn on every wrong attempt by every student. So, higher the question difficulty, higher the possibility of students getting the answer wrong and more will be your earnings.

  • Levels are relevant only in Public exams. Students get level up on attempting more questions. Level ups help to get Power ups. Educators get level up on posting more questions. Level ups help in higher probability of questions being displayed to students.

  • Every public exam is categorized into Competitive / Entrance (ex: CAT, CA, JEE, UPSC, GATE etc) & Upskilling (ex: Banking & Finance, Project Management, General Knowledge etc). This is done to allow easy navigation to students to attempt relevant exams. More categories could get added in the future.

  • Exams are solo meaning you attempt them at your convenience. Challenges are realtime and with many users. Students can join an existing challenge or create a new challenge by choosing the exam subject and entering relevant information and then sharing that link to their friends. Depending on the entry fee per challenge and the number of students enrolled, the challenge bounty is created.

  • ACoins is the digital currency on ApnaCourse Exams. You get a welcome bonus of ACoins on 1st time login. ACoins are required to attempt any exam or to enter challenges. Based on the difficulty of the exam, students get back ACoins as cashback as a multiple of the entry fee. Example: if exam difficulty level is Easy then 1 question requires 1 ACoin as entry fee. Suppose the student wants to attempt 10 questions, he/she needs to have atleast 10 ACoins as balance in their wallet. If they get all 10 right, the rewards multipler for Easy is 1.5 ACoins per correct answer so in this case they will get cashback of 15. Higher the difficulty, higher is the multiplier. To Create or Join challenges too, ACoins are required. Such ACoins that get accumulted in your ApnaCourse wallet can be redeemed as real cash once balance is 500 or more. We will coordinate with you for KYC details as per law and do the transfer within a few hours. You can also accumulate ACoins through leaderboard rewards and via refferal.

  • We partner with Industry leading payment gateway partners who are PCI DSS compliant. We do not hold any of your payment details. All transaction details are routed via secure https channel.


For details, mail us at support@apnacourse.com and we'll be happy to guide